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Scott Emerson sold his previous lawn care franchise and set up a new business in another market. He wanted to grow quickly and needed to find the right marketing partner.

scott emerson natural green systems lawn and pest

Company profile

Natural Green is a relatively new business but its leadership is no stranger to the industry. For many years, their owner ran a Scott's LawnService franchise. After being taken over by TruGreen, he was left with the choice to accept the buy-out offer and start a new business elsewhere.

Landscape Leadership began working with them in 2019.

The challenge

Scott Emerson was a hands-on owner that made a plan to implement processes, leadership, and the right marketing partner. He knew these smart steps would allow him to grow a profitable business that he could step away from time to time so he could enjoy more traveling and family time.

Some things Scott wanted to accomplish were:

  • Create a constant flow of leads from multiple marketing sources 
  • Better measure the ROI of marketing initiatives
  • Increase and improve online reviews
  • Create a website that generates a lot of traffic and is a valuable resource for prospective customers

What Scott has to say

“Working with the Landscape Leadership team has been a rewarding and exciting experience. Rewarding because we are already seeing the fruits of their efforts. Exciting because of all the untapped potential in our organization and market they are helping us realize. They are a well-orchestrated group of true, modern, professionals.”

website form submissions - landscaping leads

Generated 3,483 leads in 2.5 years

online reviews

Generated 228 positive online reviews in 2.5 years

traffic increase

Increased organic website traffic by 18,064% in 2.5 years

Services we provided

Here are the various services used in their customized strategy.

positioning and messaging

Positioning & Messaging

Working together, we defined service offerings and revised their messaging to empower prospective customers to make great decisions.

website design

Website Redesign

We created a customized look with compelling copywriting, images, videos, and research tools and optimized it for search engines and lead generation.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Seasoned green industry writers created in-depth, blog content and deeper resources to help homeowners. This also drastically increased organic search traffic.



Our photography team planned and executed multiple photo shoots to capture thousands of images featuring their team, work, and customers.

video marketing

Video Production

Our video team created dozens of videos explaining services, telling customer stories, and answering FAQs.

email marketing

Email Campaigns

To increase average customer value and raise service awareness, we sent compelling campaigns throughout the year.

online reviews

Online Reviews

We sent regular feedback requests to customers to drastically improve their Google rating and to improve customer service efforts.

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