Level Green Landscaping

Doug Delano and Bill Hardy knew that to grow Level Green Landscaping to over $20M, they needed an industry-specific marketing partner


Company profile

Level Green Landscaping is a $27M commercial landscape firm with five branches in Washington D.C., Northern VA, and Maryland.

Landscape Leadership began working with them in 2015.

commercial landscaping website design guide

The challenge

Doug Delano and Bill Hardy are gifted landscape professionals that have a history of creating and empowering teams to run a successful organization. 

One of their instrumental team members is Michael Mayberry, CTO and overseer of digital marketing and recruiting efforts. The Landscape Leadership team has forged a great partnership with them over the years to help them succeed.

Some things they wanted to accomplish were:

  • Build a website that is a valuable resource for prospective clients and team members
  • Connect with commercial property managers throughout their market
  • Tell stories of their clients and team members
  • Become a green industry leader companies look up to

What Michael has to say


"I would highly recommend working with Landscape Leadership to any company looking to increase the quality of content on their website, which will drive more revenue to your business."

-Michael Mayberry, CTO

website form submissions - landscaping leads

Increased website leads by 1,600% in 7 years

landscaping recruiting

Generated 1,374 job applicants in 7 years

traffic increase

Increased website traffic 4,652% in 7 years

Services we provided

Here are the various services used in their customized strategy.

website design

Website Redesign

We created a customized website with compelling copywriting and optimized it for search engines and lead generation.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Seasoned green industry writers created in-depth, blog content, guides, and various resources to help prospective clients and job applicants. This also drastically increased organic search traffic.



Our photography team planned and executed multiple shoots to capture thousands of images featuring their team, work, and clients.

video marketing


We created videos to appeal to specific commercial property types, tell their brand story, and recruit potential team members.

email marketing

Email Campaigns

Prospects and recruits receive helpful information to nurture their interest and connect more deeply with their brand.

sales enablement

Sales Enablement

We created customized dashboards to measure sales activities and trained their team to become more efficient using HubSpot Sales software.

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