Blanchford Landscape Group

Andy Blanchford runs his high-end design-build firm from another continent. He needed a dependable marketing partner to help them grow.


Company profile

Blanchford Landscape group specializes in high-end residential design/build projects as well as complete property maintenance for people who own primary residences and vacation homes in Bozeman and Big Sky, MT. 

Over the past decades, they have built a solid reputation in their market, which has led to healthy word-of-mouth referrals. However, they realize that can only take their business so far.

Landscape Leadership started to work with them in 2019.

The challenge

Andy Blanchford runs his business from another continent, halfway across the globe. In order to do this, he empowered reliable and talented team members to do what they do best.

We were happy to also assist them with their marketing efforts so Andy could focus on the overall vision and strategy and not get bogged-down by various campaigns.

Some things Andy wanted to accomplish were:

  • Renovate their existing website to better speak to their ideal clientele
  • Increase organic search traffic
  • Redesign their image gallery to better showcase their projects
  • Create a blog that explores important topics in an in-depth, meaningful manner

What Andy has to say

"I appreciate Landscape Leadership's attention to detail and their creative and data-driven process. They built a quality marketing program for us from the ground up.  Their follow-through and delivery are flawless.  We started with almost no web traffic and today our new website and print materials are gorgeous and our website traffic is way up.  I especially love the amazing photography and gallery on our website. Thanks, Landscape Leadership team!"

website form submissions - landscaping leads

Generated 273 design-build leads in 3 years

landscaping recruiting

Generated 71 job applicants in 3 years

traffic increase

Increased organic traffic by 4,670% in 3 years

Services we provided

Here are the various services used in their customized strategy.

positioning and messaging

Positioning & Messaging

Working together, we more clearly explained service offerings and created messaging that appealed to affluent homeowners and prospective team members.

website design

Website Redesign

We created a customized website with compelling copywriting and optimized it for search engines and lead generation.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Seasoned green industry writers created in-depth, blog content and other resources to help prospective clients research ideas. This also drastically increased organic search traffic.



Our photography team planned and executed multiple shoots to capture hundreds of images featuring their team, work, and clients.

video marketing


We created videos to tell their brand story, highlight project case studies, explain services, and recruit potential team members.

graphic design

Graphic Design

After we built their new website, we designed brochures to match their new brand style.

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