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Here’s How to Write a Job Description for a Landscape Salesperson

Chris Heiler

This special guest article was written by our friend, Lindsey Getz. Thank you to her as well as Jim Huston and Steve Cesare for sharing their insights.


While it is a task that is often overlooked, there is a tremendous amount of value in writing up job descriptions.

A job description is an effective communication tool that not only conveys what you expect an employee to do on a daily basis (essential functions), but also what qualifications and capabilities they should possess within the role.

When it comes to hiring a landscape salesperson, a proper job description should help set expectations and set that individual up for success.

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7 Tips to Train Your Production Team to Find Quality Leads to Grow Your Landscaping or Lawn Care Business

Chad Diller

This article originally appeared in Turf Magazine, where Chad writes a monthly column about sales and marketing for lawn and landscape companies.

It may not be everyone's’ job to prepare proposals or close a deal, but it certainly is the responsibility of each person on your team to help your green industry business grow.

Salespeople live for the hunt, kill and bragging rights of bringing in a ton of revenue. On the other hand, it’s very common for production workers to mainly be motivated by productivity and workmanship. After all, if they wanted to be a salesperson, they probably wouldn’t be spraying lawns or laying pavers. Typically, selling doesn’t excite them, and in many cases, they’re even intimidated by the idea.

However, there always seems to be a small percentage of production workers that love talking to clients, or even walking over to next door neighbors and telling them how great it would be if they joined your customer family. These team members can bring in awesome leads. Wouldn’t it be great to have more people like them?

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Leave Your Competitors in the Dust With a Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Program

Chad Diller

I have always loved cars. First, there was the surprise ride in a Porsche 911 Turbo on my 13th birthday, driven by the local dealer at about 160 mph on a local highway. Then there was my mom’s 1981 Corvette with the Pete Jackson gear drive, humming and thumping when it picked me up from school.

At 16, I got my own first car, a 1965 Mustang Fastback. And last summer, another dream came true when I got behind the wheel at the NASCAR Experience in Dover, DE.

The sleek clean lines of a flashy car, the screech of tires and rumbling engines, the pump of adrenaline. It’s no wonder I ended up as an inbound marketing professional…

Wait… What??

What do these sweet rides have to do with inbound marketing? More than you think.

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10 Least Expensive But Effective Marketing Tactics for Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies

Chad Diller

This article was originally published in Turf Magazine, where Chad writes a monthly column about sales and marketing tips for landscaping and lawn care companies.


As the keystone business principle states, “You gotta’ spend money to make money.” Savvy business owners of lawn care and landscaping companies plan ahead and make sure a portion of their annual revenue gets allocated to their marketing budget.

Aggressive budgeting along with smart initiatives that can be measured are common traits you’ll find when looking to our industry’s leaders.

But what happens when you “gotta spend money”, and don’t “gotta” lot to work with? Some marketing initiatives come at a premium price and you have to be careful not to waste those dollars you and your team works so hard to bring in.

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Assignment Selling: 3 Ways to Leverage Your Marketing Assets Throughout Your Sales Process

Chris Heiler

If you’ve been subscribed to our blog or following our writing for any period of time you know how passionate we are about lawn and landscape industry companies using content marketing.

We’ve written in-depth about how content – like a blog – can attract massive amounts of new traffic (and potential customers) to your website. We’ve also written about how you can use content “offers” to turn website visitors into leads for your company.

Traffic is great. Leads are awesome. But what about $$$SALES$$$?

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Getting Started With CRM Software For Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Company

Chris Heiler

This article first appeared in the January 2017 issue of Lawn & Landscape magazine.

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a category of software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage customer and prospect data, store past interactions with customers and prospects, and automate sales tracking, reporting and forecasting.

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Customer Referral Programs: Tips & Examples for Landscaping, Lawn Care and Tree Service Companies

Chad Diller

There’s no sense arguing the point: Customer referrals are one of the best sources to grow your lawn care, landscaping or tree service company.

Industry peers concur that referrals close at a higher rate than most other marketing mediums and the customers that result also are more easy to retain.

I’ve been in the green industry for about 20 years now and have personally had the opportunity to take a referral program delivering mediocre results and see it become a business development powerhouse for a sales team.

I’ve also seen my share of what companies offer up for their customer referral programs and had a little glimpse into what they do to promote them.

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The Snowball Effect: How 5 Green Industry Companies Grew Their Website Traffic by 2.5x

Chris Heiler

I promise to keep this blog post short. In return I want you to spend a few minutes reviewing the graphic below.

These charts are showing the website traffic growth (measured by "visits") for five companies we've been working with over the past three years. Traffic growth is tracked from January of 2014 through what we project for January of 2017. So three full years of data.

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