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Selling More (by Radically Improving Your Customer's Buying Experience)

Chris Heiler

Fall is here, my friends. I hope your year is going even better than you and your team anticipated.

One of our fall traditions here at Landscape Leadership is attending HubSpot's annual Inbound conference in Boston, the largest marketing and sales conference on the planet.

From keynotes to breakout sessions, a common theme at Inbound this year was the idea of "creating experiences" for customers.

HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan, spoke extensively about this in his keynote, highlighting many successful startups of the past decade that have crushed their old guard competitors by improving the buying experience for their customers.

Casper (mattresses), Peloton (stationary bikes), Chewy (pet food and products), Carvana (cars) were just a few examples cited by Halligan.

The lawn and landscape industry can learn a lot from these successful companies who are disrupting their unique industries.

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Video: Our Best Tips to Create Irresistible Personalized Sales Videos

Chad Diller

In the last two videos in this series we explored how using personalized video in your landscaping or lawn care sales process can actually help you sell more work in less time.

Today, I am going to walk you through these steps and also show you examples so you can understand what I mean. And the live action version of Ted, the old school salesman from our Green Ways comic book, is also going to make a few appearances. Stay tuned.

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Video: Spying on Sales Leads & Using Video for Easier Lawn Care and Landscaping Sales

Chad Diller

In my last video, I brought one of our Green Ways comic book characters to life. Ted is one of the characters that regularly appears in these stories. The live-action version of Ted gave us a glimpse into the old school ways of selling lawn care and landscaping work.

He slings out a lot of proposals and then he calls and calls, emails and emails, and waits and waits, often to just give up on prospects.

The problem is this old school way of selling lawn care, landscaping work really isn't that old school. It's kind of the current state of the green industry right now. There are a lot of salespeople wasting a ton of time and not closing deals as often as they want to. Does this sound familiar? 

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Video: Using Personalized Video to Get Lawn Care Customers & Sell More Landscaping Projects

Chad Diller

Are you tired of reaching out to prospects or trying to up-sell customers and just being ignored? Are you sick of spending so much time preparing proposals, leaving phone messages, and sending emails?

Are you still using these same, old tricks to try to sell lawn care or landscaping work? Or does this sound like a few busy people on your sales team who boast a lot of activity but poor results?

Want to learn a new trick? One that will increase your closing percentage and help you sell more work in less time (and with less aggravation)? Then today's video is just for you. 

Here's an innovative idea. It's called using personalized video in your landscaping and lawn care sales process. Stay tuned.

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Video: 7 Reasons Your Email Marketing is Failing How to Get More Landscaping & Lawn Care Leads

Chad Diller

(Thinking to myself)...Hmmmm....we really need more of this lawn care or landscaping work on the books...

(Lightbulb moment!)....I know! I'll send out an email blast.

Have you gotten bad results with email marketing for your lawn care landscaping company?

Maybe you've been thinking that you want to use email marketing to generate more lawn care landscaping leads, but you're not quite sure if it actually works.

Well, today, I'm going to share seven reasons these campaigns commonly fail. Stay tuned.

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Video: Using Google Reviews for Better Landscaping & Lawn Care Marketing and Easier Sales

Chad Diller

You and your team may think that your lawn care or landscaping company is the best around, but your prospective customer may be a little bit skeptical and may not take your word for it.

The great things that your happy customers say about your company carry way more weight than what you could ever say.

So when it comes to getting great five-star Google reviews, are you really leveraging them on your landscaping and lawn care website or other marketing collateral? Today I'm going to show you how to do just that.

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Video: How to Handle Good, Bad, & Ugly Google Reviews for Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Business

Chad Diller

Well, it happened..."Oh cool. I got to review...Huh? That's nice." (puts phone away and forgets about it)...

Or maybe it went a little something like this..."Oh No, you didn't Mr. Jones!" (furiously typing)...

Reviews on Google. You're going to get them. Good, bad and UGLY. Today I am going to break down how you should respond in every situation. Stay tuned.

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Video: How to Get Google Reviews for Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Company

Chad Diller

Are you frustrated because you don't have enough good Google reviews for your business? You have hundreds, maybe thousands of happy lawn care and landscaping customers, but where are their reviews? 

Today I'm going to show you a proven method to get hundreds of great Google reviews for your lawn care landscaping business. Stay tuned.

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