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Why and How to Address Cost of Services on Your Website

Chad Diller

If I gave you three guesses of what activity occupies the most time on my 13-year-old son’s smartphone, I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t be able to even nail it with three tries. It’s not games nor social media. It’s researching prices on Amazon, Craigslist, and Google.

Even if we drive to a physical store, my boy knows what the item costs elsewhere and where he could even get an upgraded version of it for a smarter purchase. In fact, it’s probable that we won’t even leave the store with the said item in-hand, and it will be ordered online before we even walk out the door. It happens all of the time.

He’s the personification of the modern, educated consumer. Guess what...he’s going to be your customer in the years to come.

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When, Why, and How to Charge a Landscape Consultation Fee

Chris Heiler

This is an article I've been excited about writing.

As many of you know, my career started as a landscape designer, including time with a large design/build company and seven years operating my own design firm.

With my last design commission in the rearview mirror (2011) , I see in hindsight a lot of things I did right on the sales side but also some missed opportunities.

In other words, I left a lot of money on the table.

What I've come to realize is that I lacked a pragmatic, consistent pricing strategy for my company, especially on the front end of the sales process (i.e.- consulting and design).

In this article and the next, I want to share with you exactly how I would approach pricing and selling landscape design/build work today if I still had my design firm.

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This Just In! 7 Tips to Get Featured in Local News Media

Chad Diller

It’s been a hard day of work. You put out work-fires and your easy chair and the evening news seems just the prescription to escape your business woes, realizing there are tougher things going on in the world. But it continues. Wedged in between the latest political scandal and the traffic report appears your nemesis on the local news.

There’s your competitor, smiling in all their interview-giving glory. All of a sudden, they’re the go-to expert?! You scoff and shake your head. Every day you pour your heart and soul into your company, team, and clients. You live for this stuff, and yet somehow you don’t get the publicity and brand awareness you deserve.

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5 Meaningful Website Metrics to Understand & Track

Chad Diller

I’ve been in your seat...scratching my head at meetings with a local digital agency, begging them to just make some sort of sense of it to me. I’m not naturally a “numbers guy”. If you throw too many website analytic figures and percentages onto a report, my brain turns to mush. Give me the big picture then tell me how to fix it!

Although I’ve learned how to understand more of these numbers over the years, I’m still amazed at how many digital marketing experts and landscaping professionals are still content with mushed brains. You should be able to more easily understand what really matters to grow your business.

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6 Time-Saving Social Media Tips for Lawn Care Companies and Landscapers

Chad Diller

Everyone and your mother keeps talking about social media. You hoped it was just a fad but the craze keeps building each year. Maybe you dabbled, got on the bandwagon, and tried your best to post, tweet, pin, update, snap, and whatever else people are doing these days.

Maybe you got so busy with your lawn care or landscaping business that you got someone else to do it for you. Or maybe it fell to the wayside and you’re now realizing it’s time to spring back into action.

Deep down inside, you’re concerned. You love the concept of building a loyal online community and getting new clients from social media, yet you want to make smart business decisions without wasting time or money.

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The Challenges You Face Serving Residential (B2C) and Commercial (B2B) Markets [Part II- The Ugly Truth]

Chris Heiler

In the past week I’ve received emails from two landscape companies eager to break into the commercial market.

Like I mentioned in my last article, this trend towards diversification comes up in almost every conversation I have with lawn and landscape companies.

In this article I’m going to throw some cold water on this idea, which hopefully discourages some of you from pursuing this market.

For others, this may be the validation you’re looking for.

As you’ll see, the consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) markets are two different worlds. You need to understand what makes each unique and determine on which side your culture aligns.

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The Challenges You Face Serving Residential (B2C) and Commercial (B2B) Markets [Part I The Culture Clash]

Chris Heiler

Have you noticed how many landscape contractors are getting into commercial landscape maintenance? How about others now offering lawn care to their customers?

Maybe some of your competitors have made the move. How about you?

Based on the dozens and dozens of conversations I've had with contractors since the start of the new year, I would guess you're considering the same.

Let's explore why many lawn and landscape companies chase diversification, beginning with the justification I hear most:

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Landscaping Portfolio Pictures Worth a Thousand Words & Millions of Dollars

Chad Diller

This article originally appeared in Turf Magazine, where Chad writes a monthly column offering sales and marketing tips for lawn care and landsape companies.

Our society is bombarded with images. In the 1970’s, the average American saw 500 advertisements a day. In 2017, that number has increased tenfold. And that’s merely commercial advertisements, not to mention all the cat pics and selfies.

Our brains can only absorb so much. In order to prioritize limited memory space, information is subconsciously sorted and many of these images are discarded.

The old saying goes that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. But when a prospective client sees your company’s images, will the first word in their brain be “Meh...”, triggering the mental garbage disposal?

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Here's One Small Step That Will Instantly Strengthen Your Positioning (and Make You More Money)

Chris Heiler

After visiting two clients recently in northern Virginia, I was reminded how important it is to define where – and where you do not – offer your services.

Rock Water Farm and Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape know where their bread and butter is and don't stray far from it.

These companies aside, I find that many in our industry are undisciplined in managing their service area limits, instead chasing any and all opportunities falling outside this area.

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