Marketing & Sales Insight for the Lawn & Landscape Industry

How to Protect Your Position as the Leader in Your Market (5 Strategies)

Chris Heiler

I want to tell you a story about a landscaping company that no longer exists.

A short time before their demise they were regarded as the most creative and successful design/build company in their local market. They were one of the three largest as measured by annual revenue. They were the company to work with and work for.

I worked with this company. Unfortunately, I was there to see it come to an abrupt end when it was sold for peanuts and absorbed into another local landscaping company.

It didn't have to happen that way.

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VIDEO: 5 Tools That Make Selling Landscaping & Lawn Care Easier

Chad Diller

Imagine a tool that made selling landscaping and lawn care services a lot easier. AND imagine your landscaping company or lawn care business spent thousands of dollars on this tool and your salespeople didn't know it existed or how to use it.

Good news. I have not 1, but 5 tools for getting MORE landscaping and lawn care customers with LESS aggravation.

Stay tuned...

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10 Things Landscaping Salespeople Shouldn't (& Should) Do on LinkedIn

Chad Diller

Whether you sell commercial landscaping, residential landscape design, or even lawn care treatment programs, many of your ideal prospects have something in common. 

They’re networked professionals — executives, board/committee members, property managers, company owners, salespeople name it. 

They also know a lot of other people just like them.

Making new connections and developing meaningful relationships with these ideal prospects can be a particular challenge, particularly in the post-pandemic business world.

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4 Additional Ways to Position Your Company (and Create a Unique Selling Proposition)

Chris Heiler

To be "well positioned" is to be known for something. That is, unique in the mind of your prospects and customers.

In contrast to this are the majority of companies in the lawn and landscape industry who are undifferentiated and indistinguishable from each other. "Just Another Landscaper", as I like to say.

As I'm sure you're well aware, many companies in our industry – maybe even you – are not making the money they could be. A lack of profitability is a symptom of a positioning problem and a weak – or non-existent – unique selling proposition (USP).

Making more money (i.e. profit) begins with a thoughtful positioning strategy for your business. Only in rare cases does it happen by accident.

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40 Ways to Use Lawn Care & Landscaping Videos (So They Actually Get Noticed)

Chad Diller

About 15 years ago, a “RotoZip” saw was on my Christmas wishlist. I just had to have it. 

As of today, I have yet to use it. 

The tool, itself, is fantastic. I can think of many practical uses. Ironically, the RotoZip would have been perfect for cutting a hole in my drywall, just a month ago. 

But...I forgot all about it. It has been collecting dust in my tool cabinet.

At one point, video production may have found its way onto your wishlist. 

Maybe you spent a ton of time creating your own videos. 

Maybe you paid a videographer a few (or tens of ) thousands of dollars... 

Big investment...and yet there the videos sit...

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What is the State of the Commercial Landscaping Industry in the Pandemic? (3 Industry Pros Weigh In)

Chris Heiler

This is a guest post written by our friend, Lindsey Getz, who contributes regularly to many of the lawn and landscape industry publications you are familiar with.

Adjusting to life and business in the midst of a pandemic has been no simple feat. But there’s no question some industries have been hit harder than others. While the Green Industry as a whole has fared well—after all, we were amongst those businesses declared “essential,” even early on—those lawn and landscape companies focused on the B2B market have had a more challenging time.

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