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How Long Does it Take to Triple Your Lawn Care Leads? (3 Success Stories)

Picture of Chad Diller Author: Chad Diller

There is one question I frequently get from company owners struggling to grow a lawn care business.

“How long will it take to triple our website leads?” 

If you are investing tens of thousands of dollars to get more lawn care customers, you don’t want to flush marketing dollars down the toilet (while wasting time and energy). 

You want a lot of leads. You want results.

Today, I am going to share what has been proven to work time and time again. These strategies worked when I directed marketing at a $13 million company and they have worked for our lawn care clients over the past 10 years.

(And I say that you should dream BIGGER than 3x your current results.)

The Typical Problems

When we start working with our clients, they often have these main problems:

  • A website with low organic, local search traffic
  • Poorly-performing digital advertising campaigns
  • Not many website visitors that convert to leads
  • Limited growth from relying on word-of-mouth and traditional advertising


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What Did We Do to Get More Lawn Care Leads?

We provide various services to our clients, but what generates the most lawn care leads includes a mix of the following:


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While we may have various goals, these are our primary priorities:

  1. Create a website that generates a lot of qualified leads from organic traffic 
  2. Utilize digital advertising campaigns to generate additional qualified leads


The Success of 3 Lawn Care Clients

I’m going to share some high-level statistics from three of our clients. Each of them was in a different spot when they came to us. 

Understand that there are many factors that drive success but you will see some generalized results based on a 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year lawn care client.


Natural Green Systems

Scott Emerson (owner) ran a lawn care franchise for over 20 years and had sold it to a national brand. He set up this new, independent brand in another southern Maryland market in 2017 but was frustrated with their stalling lead generation efforts. 

Scott found out about Landscape Leadership after connecting with one of our other clients in his peer group. Natural Green began to work with us in early summer 2019. 

  • Before:  60 leads/year 
  • Year 1:  1,154 leads/year
  • Year 2:  1,292 leads/year


Jack Moore (owner) transitioned from another industry, purchasing this established Dallas-area lawn and landscape company in 2017. His intention was to reduce the amount of landscape work the company performed and aggressively grow its lawn care program customer base. 

Prior to when we began working with Grassperson in 2019, there weren’t detailed reports of how many leads were coming through their website. However, we can realistically estimate where they started by the results we started with. 

  • Before:  600 leads/year 
  • Year 1:  1,529 leads/year
  • Year 2:  1,564 leads/year
  • Year 3:  1,736 leads/year

Oasis Turf & Tree

Rob Reindl (owner) started his business in 1996 as a landscape and lawn care company but quickly transitioned in 2005 to only offer lawn care programs as he realized their profitability potential. By 2016, Oasis had grown to perform $4 million in annual revenue.

Rob had tried out another marketing agency and developed a great inside sales team but their lead generation efforts were not where he wanted them to be. He began working with us in mid-2016. 

  • Before:  720 leads/year 
  • Year 1:  1,575 leads/year
  • Year 2:  3,233 leads/year
  • Year 3:  5,543 leads/year
  • Year 4:  6,216 leads/year
  • Year 5:  6,991 leads/year


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How Long to Triple Lawn Care Leads?

As I stated, there are a lot of factors that influence results. Marketing budget, brand image, competition, and the geographic market all impact getting lawn care leads. These are only three client examples but I think they’re a good representation of the common positions our new clients often find themselves in. 

Based on these results, these clients tripled their lawn care leads in:

  • Natural Green:  In year 1
  • Grassperson:  In years 2-3
  • Oasis Turf & Tree:  In years 1-2


Giving Credit Where It's Due

Unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we try to be very selective in who we work with. Choosing the right lawn care clients has a direct impact on just how successful we can be with increasing lawn care leads. 

Traits of Successful Lawn Care Clients

Our clients have annual revenues of $2-$25 million and also typically are:

  • Humbly accepting guidance and advice 
  • Investing a minimum of $70k per year for their marketing strategy
  • Engaged in the process
  • Open to calculated risks and trying new things


Growing Your Lawn Care Business

Fed up with a poor website and digital campaigns that don’t generate enough lawn care leads? 

Nothing will change if nothing changes. 

Start learning. Browse articles, podcasts, and videos on our blog to learn more about specific ways to generate more lawn care leads. Be sure to subscribe to get new resources as they release.

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