Inbound Marketing & Sales Insight for Green Industry Companies

10 Least Expensive But Effective Marketing Tactics for Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies

Chad Diller

This article was originally published in Turf Magazine, where Chad writes a monthly column about sales and marketing tips for landscaping and lawn care companies.


As the keystone business principle states, “You gotta’ spend money to make money.” Savvy business owners of lawn care and landscaping companies plan ahead and make sure a portion of their annual revenue gets allocated to their marketing budget.

Aggressive budgeting along with smart initiatives that can be measured are common traits you’ll find when looking to our industry’s leaders.

But what happens when you “gotta spend money”, and don’t “gotta” lot to work with? Some marketing initiatives come at a premium price and you have to be careful not to waste those dollars you and your team works so hard to bring in.

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Customer Referral Programs: Tips & Examples for Landscaping, Lawn Care and Tree Service Companies

Chad Diller

There’s no sense arguing the point: Customer referrals are one of the best sources to grow your lawn care, landscaping or tree service company.

Industry peers concur that referrals close at a higher rate than most other marketing mediums and the customers that result also are more easy to retain.

I’ve been in the green industry for about 20 years now and have personally had the opportunity to take a referral program delivering mediocre results and see it become a business development powerhouse for a sales team.

I’ve also seen my share of what companies offer up for their customer referral programs and had a little glimpse into what they do to promote them.

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5 Practical and Effective Cross-Selling Strategies to Earn More Revenue From Your Current Customer Base

Chad Diller

It takes more time, energy, and marketing dollars to find a new customer than to sell more work to an existing customer who is already sold on how great your landscaping, lawn care, or tree care services are. But yet, winning new customers is what seems to get a ton of attention when green industry companies empty their marketing wallet.

While it is true that your business needs to keep aggressively pursuing new customers, it’s just as important to make sure you’re not missing easy cross-selling opportunities with your existing customers.

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