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Video Series:  Killer Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

Chad Diller

I've gotta say...I really love working with lawn care companies.

Maybe it's due to the fact that for eight years, I treated thousands of lawns.

Maybe it was due to the fact that this type of work seemed to be the easiest service for me to sell at my 7-year stint as a salesperson at a full-service lawn and landscape company. 

Or possibly it was the thrill I felt figuring out new ways to market lawn care services to add thousands of new lawn care customers each year. 

Whatever the case, it's a rush. But, I get as equally frustrated when I see lawn care companies trying to do their best but failing or getting lackluster results.

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Why and How to Address Cost of Services on Your Website

Chad Diller

If I gave you three guesses of what activity occupies the most time on my 13-year-old son’s smartphone, I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t be able to even nail it with three tries. It’s not games nor social media. It’s researching prices on Amazon, Craigslist, and Google.

Even if we drive to a physical store, my boy knows what the item costs elsewhere and where he could even get an upgraded version of it for a smarter purchase. In fact, it’s probable that we won’t even leave the store with the said item in-hand, and it will be ordered online before we even walk out the door. It happens all of the time.

He’s the personification of the modern, educated consumer. Guess what...he’s going to be your customer in the years to come.

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5 Meaningful Website Metrics to Understand & Track

Chad Diller

I’ve been in your seat...scratching my head at meetings with a local digital agency, begging them to just make some sort of sense of it to me. I’m not naturally a “numbers guy”. If you throw too many website analytic figures and percentages onto a report, my brain turns to mush. Give me the big picture then tell me how to fix it!

Although I’ve learned how to understand more of these numbers over the years, I’m still amazed at how many digital marketing experts and landscaping professionals are still content with mushed brains. You should be able to more easily understand what really matters to grow your business.

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8 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign for Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Company

Chad Diller

This article originally appeared in Turf Magazine, where Chad writes a monthly column offering sales and marketing tips for landscaping and lawn care companies.

As a Generation X kid, I remember my first pair of Bugle Boy jeans. The zipper pockets and elastic around the ankles made me pretty fly for a 1988 guy. Fast forward just a couple years, and I wouldn’t have been caught dead in those pants.

Imagine my surprise as I see some of my daughter’s male friends now walking around with similar new adaptations of this 80s fashion. What are next? Zoot suits? Jelly Shoes?

I’m sure you have a similar story in mind. Trends come and go and resurface again, particularly when it comes to clothing. But when it comes to marketing a business in the lawn and landscape industry, that resurfacing rarely occurs. Trends die and become obsolete. This particularly holds true when it comes to websites.

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See How Easily You Can Use These 5 Elements of Storytelling to Sell More Work

Chris Heiler

No one connects with their audience better than Hollywood. They do it with a formulaic storytelling framework that keeps our squirrel brains (and butts) in our seats for 90+ minutes.

You can use this same proven framework to develop effective messaging for your lawn and landscaping company. Your "script" will influence the following:

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