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Video: Should I Hire Someone In-House or Hire a Landscaping or Lawn Care Marketing Agency?

Chad Diller

Your lawn care business or landscaping company has grown a lot over the years. And through this process, you or one of your team has worn many hats.

One of these hats happens to be doing the marketing for your lawn care landscaping business. But there's a big problem.

You either don't have enough time or you're realizing now that you haven't done it really well. 

Is it time to hire an in-house marketing person for your lawn care business or landscaping company? Should you hire a marketing agency? How does all of this work?

Those are really great questions and I'm going to help you start to answer them today. Stay tuned.

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Expert Interview: Using Customers in Landscaping & Lawn Care Marketing Photography

Chad Diller

When you think about your lawn care or landscaping company's brand, the last thing you would ever want to be seen as is average. But unfortunately that describes the majority of companies in our industry.

One of the ways that they reinforce this average perception is by using stock photography or amateur photos. So today, I am going to introduce you to one of my friends, Mike Miville, who does a lot of photo shoots for our clients at Landscape Leadership.

We're going to talk about some of the most powerful images that you would use on your website and how you can make them not just look average, but WAY above average.

Stay tuned.

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Video: 7 Reasons Your Email Marketing is Failing How to Get More Landscaping & Lawn Care Leads

Chad Diller

(Thinking to myself)...Hmmmm....we really need more of this lawn care or landscaping work on the books...

(Lightbulb moment!)....I know! I'll send out an email blast.

Have you gotten bad results with email marketing for your lawn care landscaping company?

Maybe you've been thinking that you want to use email marketing to generate more lawn care landscaping leads, but you're not quite sure if it actually works.

Well, today, I'm going to share seven reasons these campaigns commonly fail. Stay tuned.

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Video: Using Google Reviews for Better Landscaping & Lawn Care Marketing and Easier Sales

Chad Diller

You and your team may think that your lawn care or landscaping company is the best around, but your prospective customer may be a little bit skeptical and may not take your word for it.

The great things that your happy customers say about your company carry way more weight than what you could ever say.

So when it comes to getting great five-star Google reviews, are you really leveraging them on your landscaping and lawn care website or other marketing collateral? Today I'm going to show you how to do just that.

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Video Series:  Killer Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

Chad Diller

I've gotta say...I really love working with lawn care companies.

Maybe it's due to the fact that for eight years, I treated thousands of lawns.

Maybe it was due to the fact that this type of work seemed to be the easiest service for me to sell at my 7-year stint as a salesperson at a full-service lawn and landscape company. 

Or possibly it was the thrill I felt figuring out new ways to market lawn care services to add thousands of new lawn care customers each year. 

Whatever the case, it's a rush. But, I get as equally frustrated when I see lawn care companies trying to do their best but failing or getting lackluster results.

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Video Series:  PPC Google Ads for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

Chad Diller

Over the years, lawn care and landscaping companies have asked us a LOT of questions about various advertising mediums.

But the one that seems to come up the most often (with skepticism and criticism) is Google Ads (also referred to as PPC, Pay Per Click, or Google Adwords.


Do you find yourself at one of these places?

  • You're contemplating using Google Ads for lawn care or landscaping leads
  • You did your own Pay Per Click in the past but weren't that impressed
  • You hired a marketing agency to place PPC ads for lawn care or landscaping lead generation
  • You've grown your business without this advertising medium but are always looking for ways to land new customers

Well, I am assuming most (if not all) of you fit into one of those categories. If so, I've got something special for you. Over the past month, I've taken this complicated (and most often very boring) topic and created a series of videos for you. 

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Okay, MAYBE Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Work for Lawn Care Companies (A Recent Update)

Chad Diller

Roll back the’s 2016. I’ve had my own frustrating experiences marketing at a $13 million lawn and landscape company and now, after coming to work at Landscape Leadership, I have realized my misfortune was a common green industry marketing epidemic.

Ask me the question, “Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), specifically with Google Adwords, a good idea for a lawn care company?”

The answer then was, “No. Stop wasting your money.” I would say, “Maybe…” Let me explain why.

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5 Reasons Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Mailers and Print Ads “Don’t Work”

Chad Diller

“Yeah, we tried postcards and mailers and they didn’t work. Oh, and we spent all this money to put ads in this magazine and that was a bust too.”

I get it. I managed an annual marketing budget of over $300,000 for many years for a full-service lawn and landscape company and tried all sorts of mailers and ads. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of trial and error.

But, I may be able to spare you some frustration. After all, if you’re dropping tens of thousands of dollars each year on lawn care and landscaping mailers or advertisements, you should be able to achieve and measure success, right?

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3 Ingredients for a Perfect Lawn Care or Landscaping Photography Shoot

Chad Diller

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Just as photography has the potential for a positive reaction, it also carries the tremendous capacity to leave a very bad taste in your mouth. As our friends at Greenbelt Outdoor Services in this week’s Green Ways comic are realizing, what they expected is not what they got. It’s like when a cook substitutes, miscalculates or completely omits an ingredient. Yuck!

The old saying of, “A picture’s worth a thousand words”, definitely holds true. If you’ve been following our content for some time, you’ve heard us advocating for the value of professional photography for marketing landscaping, lawn care, and tree services.

But your picture’s “thousand words” are going to come across as  bitter, dry, flat chocolate cake if you leave out the necessary ingredients or don’t execute them in a specific manner.

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Landscaping Portfolio Pictures Worth a Thousand Words & Millions of Dollars

Chad Diller

This article originally appeared in Turf Magazine, where Chad writes a monthly column offering sales and marketing tips for lawn care and landsape companies.

Our society is bombarded with images. In the 1970’s, the average American saw 500 advertisements a day. In 2017, that number has increased tenfold. And that’s merely commercial advertisements, not to mention all the cat pics and selfies.

Our brains can only absorb so much. In order to prioritize limited memory space, information is subconsciously sorted and many of these images are discarded.

The old saying goes that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. But when a prospective client sees your company’s images, will the first word in their brain be “Meh...”, triggering the mental garbage disposal?

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