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40 Ways to Use Lawn Care & Landscaping Videos (So They Actually Get Noticed)

Picture of Chad Diller Author: Chad Diller

Chad with RotoZip sawAbout 15 years ago, a “RotoZip” saw was on my Christmas wishlist. I just had to have it. 

As of today, I have yet to use it. 

The tool, itself, is fantastic. I can think of many practical uses. Ironically, the RotoZip would have been perfect for cutting a hole in my drywall, just a month ago. 

But...I forgot all about it. It has been collecting dust in my tool cabinet.

At one point, video production may have found its way onto your wishlist. 

Maybe you spent a ton of time creating your own videos. 

Maybe you paid a videographer a few (or tens of ) thousands of dollars... 

Big investment...and yet there the videos sit...

It’s common. I frequently find lawn care and landscaping companies don’t utilize videos well. These could be the perfect tools to address challenges like lead generation, sales qualification, recruiting or simply differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Videos sit there like dusty artifacts.

Grab your dust mask and tool belt. I’m going to give you 40 ways to use lawn care and landscaping videos so prospects, customers, and job recruits actually notice them.


Use Lawn Care & Landscaping Videos More Creatively on Your Website

Perhaps your videos are like my lonely RotoZip, never making their way to your website. Or maybe you used them on your website in a very limited manner

But, there are probably more ways you could use them. You may even want to consider creating more videos. 

When possible, think about:

  • Who is on this website page?
  • What’s important to them?
  • How can a video specifically match this context?


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Here are various types and examples of landscaping or lawn care website videos, along with options of where you can use them on your website. 

You may not want to incorporate all of these. Some pages could get cluttered with too many videos, but this will give you a lot of options.


Brand Video

This video is a blend of who you are, who your customers are, and what you do for them.

  1.  Add to your homepage
  2.  Add to your “About Us” page
  3.  Add to a “Thank You” page (a page someone is redirected to after they fill out a form on your website)

Natural Green homepage-1(See the video on the Natural Green Systems Lawn & Pest website)


Company History Video

This video primarily explains your origins and how your company has grown over the years. 

4.  Add a Company History video to your “About Us” page

5.  Add to your “Careers” page


Careers/Company Culture Video

This type of video is often called a “careers”, “culture”, or “recruiting” video.

6.  Add to your “Careers” page

7.  Add to specific job position pages where people apply online (a general careers video added to a page where it only talks about a lawn care technician position)

8.  Add to blog articles that specifically address recruiting-related topics (a general careers video added to a blog post about the types of career paths in the green industry)

9.  Add to a careers-related “Thank You” page (page someone is redirected to after they apply for a job)

Kingstowne careers video(See the video on the Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape "Career Center")


Specific Job Position Video

This type of video is a recruiting video but focuses more specifically on one job position, such as being a landscape maintenance crew member.

10.  Add to the relevant, specific job position page (a day-in-the-life of a maintenance crew member video on the website page about the maintenance crew member position)

11.  Add to blog articles that specifically address a job position (a video about being a landscape salesperson in an article targeting salespeople who are considering switching industries)

Level Green Landscaping crew member video(See the videos on the Level Green Landscaping "Career Videos" page)


Ideal Customer Video

This type of video features the types of clients you serve. For example, it could be so specific to talk about how you only work with residential homeowners that are looking for landscape design/installation projects of substantial nature, over $75k, in a particular geographic area. 

Or, it could be more inclusive, highlighting all segments of customers you perform work for (homeowners, general contractors, custom home builders, architects).

12.  Add to your homepage

13.  Add to your “Who We Serve” page

14.  Add to specific customer type pages (if you perform commercial maintenance, an example would be an HOA maintenance video on the “HOA Landscaping” page)

15.  Add to your consultation or quote request page (to pre-qualify prospects before they fill out a form)


Testimonial Video

This video features your client telling the story of their property’s challenges and their experience of working with you.

16.  Add to your homepage

17.  Add to the relevant, specific service category page (a client talking about their tree pruning project on the “Tree Pruning” page)

18.  Add to landing pages (pages you drive advertising campaigns to)

19.  Add to a “Thank You” page (a page someone is redirected to after they request a consultation or quote)

earth turf wood testimonial video(See the video on the Earth, Turf, & Wood "Landscape Design & Architecture" page)


Service-Specific Video

This type of video highlights a specific service like aeration, irrigation, etc.

20.  Add to the relevant, specific service category page (aeration video added to the “Aeration” page)

21.  Add to blog articles that specifically address service-related topics (mosquito control video on an article about this topic)

22.  Add to landing pages (pages you drive advertising campaigns to)


Feature-Specific Video

This is a video that highlights a specific feature like an outdoor kitchen, annual flower enhancements, etc. It’s the physical “thing” your customer buys.

23.  Add to relevant, specific service or feature-focussed pages (an outdoor kitchens video on the “Outdoor Kitchens” page)

24.  Add to blog articles that specifically address feature-related topics (a fire features video on a “Fire Pit vs. Fireplace” article)

25.  Add to landing pages (pages you drive advertising campaigns to)

Rock Water Farm patio video(This video automatically plays and loops at the top of the Rock Water Farm Landscapes & Hardscapes "Hardscaping & Masonry" page)


FAQ Video

This is a video that addresses a frequently asked question. Here are some examples:

26.  Add a “What Happens Next” video to a page where someone can request a consultation or quote.

27.  Add various FAQ videos on a customer resources page.


Use & Re-Use Lawn Care & Landscaping Videos in Your Social Media Strategy

It’s common to post a video when it’s new and exciting. But the problem is that you get busy, forget you have it and then it just collects dust. 

Your audience is not going to remember that you posted these videos years or even months ago. Keep posting them! The more videos you have, the more you can mix things up.

Joshua Tree facebook videos-1(Check out the videos on the Joshua Tree Facebook videos page)


28.  Add a video to your Company Facebook page’s cover photo/video area (it will loop silently in the background until they click it).

29.  Share videos from time to time in your feed/timeline on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

30.  Add videos to your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook Company page. On Facebook, there is a tab to showcase a library of videos. Instagram also allows you to pin video Stories to your business profile.

31.  Add videos to your personal LinkedIn profile. You can pin posts, links, etc. to the top of your profile.

32.  When appropriate, send video links via direct messages.

33.  Use videos in paid social media campaigns. You can specifically target prospects or job seekers on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

34.  Add links to videos when commenting on the posts of others (when it makes sense and isn’t obnoxious).


Use Lawn Care & Landscaping Videos in Emails

We’re all used to seeing boring emails with lots of text and tiny images. Video really spices things up. 

You can’t technically insert videos in emails, but here are a few workarounds. These videos can really help improve your marketing, recruiting, or customer service emails.

35.  Use segments of a video to create animated GIFs and add them to emails. This isn’t technically a video. It’s a series of many images that appear in succession like a video. Some email providers allow you to add these. They’re typically low-resolution and under 10 seconds. These are mostly used to retain a recipient’s attention.


(Watch how a GIF works in this Design/Build email we sent to Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape prospects)

HubSpot Video


36.  Add a thumbnail image with a play icon, or add text “Watch Video”. Both of these should be hyperlinked to wherever you have the video stored, preferably a page on your website that they will see a second after clicking. 


(Here's how we used an image with a play icon overlay in this Rock Water Farm aeration email. Clicking this image in the email or the text links drove recipients to a landing page.)

Rock Water Farm aeration email


Use Videos in Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Sales Process

Email marketing is one thing. But salespeople are commonly unaware of how to use videos to their advantage. 

A carefully-delivered video can help increase the chances of closing deals, answering questions, and generating leads in slow times. 

Here are a few ways to use pre-produced videos in your sales process. 

37.  Email/text process videos to prospects in the sales funnel. For example, send a lawn care prospect a video on “How Long Does it Take to Transform a Lawn”.

38.  Include videos in your proposals. Some digital proposal solutions (PandaDoc for example) actually allow you to embed a video into your proposal. A powerful testimonial video could really help sell a $500k commercial maintenance contract!

39.  Explain services in videos. For instance, it can be hard for prospects to understand just how many potential problems their trees and shrubs can face. A “Plant Health Care” video may help them understand how impactful preventative care can be.

40.  Explain products with videos. Imagine a prospect who can’t decide what kind of outdoor kitchen appliances they want. A video showcasing your recent outdoor kitchen projects may really help them consider their options.


Maximizing Your Investment

rotozipMy RotoZip saw is a $50 hand-tool that I didn’t even pay for. Forgetting it last month only meant 30 minutes of wasted time. And in the end, I still was able to cut the hole in the wall.

But professional videos can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for you to produce. Not utilizing them well not only means wasted time, but missing out on sales revenue, losing customers, and not attracting the best job recruits.

That’s an expensive tool to just leave sitting around. 

Get them out. Dust them off. Put them to work.


Are you interested in creating videos to address your company’s biggest challenges? If so, then schedule a meeting with us.

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