Inbound Marketing & Sales Insight for Green Industry Companies

Determining a Landscape Salesperson’s Salary and Commission Structure

Lauren Dowdle

Putting a dollar amount on what an employee brings to your business can be difficult. But with a salesperson, it’s a little more straightforward.

Once you’ve decided to hire a salesperson, you need to create a payment structure that not only stays within your revenue limits, but also attracts – and keeps – good salespeople.

Here’s how to determine a landscape salesperson’s salary and commission that will keep them motivated, without breaking the bank.


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When to Hire a Landscape Salesperson: 5 Steps from 3 Experts

Lauren Dowdle

You wouldn’t start a project without knowing the exact cost and materials needed – and hiring a landscape salesperson shouldn’t be any different. 

Having a strong sales rep can increase a company’s revenue, free up an owner’s time to focus on other parts of the business and add missing sales expertise, says Steven Cohen, landscape-snow industry consultant with GreenMark Consulting Group.

But when is it the right time to add one to your staff? Here are five tips to help you know when to hire a landscape salesperson.

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7 Inbound Marketing Trends for Green Industry Companies

Paige Worthy

This article was written by our client services director, Paige Worthy, and originally appeared as the cover story in the November 2014 issue of Turf Design Build Magazine.

At Landscape Leadership, we live and breathe inbound marketing.

But what is it, really? Well, when HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah came up with the term “inbound marketing” eight years ago, they defined it as such: “a methodology that focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product.”

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How to Find a Trustworthy and Reputable Marketing Agency for Your Lawn and Landscaping Business

Chris Heiler

Just as an aspiring college student researches where they will invest their next few years and a big chunk of money, the search for a trustworthy and reputable marketing agency should be treated in a similar way. It all starts with doing your homework up front and conducting research and interviews. After all, the agency you choose to retain is a partner in your business. It's a serious commitment of time and money and you want to get the hire right the first time.

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