Using Professional Video and Photography in Your Marketing [Smarketing Talk S1 E3]

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Smarketing Talk Podcast with Chris Heiler


Show Notes 

Did you miss the first two episodes of this season's Smarketing Talk? You can listen here. Get the season schedule here.

In this podcast I mention "case studies" we've created for No Ka Oi Landscaping and Level Green Landscaping. You can view the case studies and videos here and here.

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Questions? Email Chris at chris.heiler(at) or on Twitter @inbound_agency. I'll try to answer questions on next week's episode.

Next episode: June 28

Comparing B2B vs B2C marketing: How you market your company and how you set expectations depends greatly on whether you market to homeowners (B2C) or target commercial properties (B2B). At Landscape Leadership we've been working with both types of companies for almost five years so we'll share our/their experience with you.

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