Video Series:  Website Homepage Words for Lawn Care & Landscaping Companies

outback-websiteThis series of videos highlights both good and bad decisions when it comes to the words you choose for the homepage of your lawn care and landscaping website. 

You read that correctly...a SERIES of videos. There were so many practical ideas, I had to break it down in 5 bite-sized chunks. 

Take a few moments to learn how to generate leads and connect with your prospective clients. As an added bonus, you'll get to see me being my typical, goofball self from time to time ;)

-Chad Diller, Director of Client Success at Landscape Leadership


Video 1:  Words I Don't Want to see on Your Homepage -  Bad Choices for Lawn Care & Landscaping Companies



Description:  Is your lawn care or landscaping company wasting its breath and leaving millions of dollars fo sales on the table? Choosing the wrong words for your website's homepage could be to blame. Find out how to communicate in a more meaningful way to your prospects.


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Video 2:  Homepage Hero Words:  How to Hook Lawn Care & Landscaping Prospects on Your Website



Description:  The words you choose to use on your lawn care or landscaping website's homepage are critical. In this video, learn what hero images are and how the short phrases you use over top of them have tremendous impact lead generation.


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Video 3:  Homepage Empathy Words - Connecting with Lawn Care & Landscaping Prospects



Description:  In this next part of our series, we'll talk about how to use empathetic statements and address the real, internal and philosophical problems your prospects are facing. Using these words correctly on your lawn care or landscaping website can result in more visitors turning into qualified leads.


Video 4:  Homepage Authority Words - Building Trust with Lawn Care & Landscaping Prospects



Description:  You want people to know how great your lawn care or landscaping company is. But if you use talk too much about authority on your website, you will turn off prospects. Find out how and where to talk about your company's authority.


Video 5:  Homepage Junk Drawer Words - More Lawn Care & Landscaping Leads from Cleaning Up



Description:  Even the little words you use on your website homepage matter. Find out how lawn care and landscaping companies can turn more website visitors into leads by cleaning up the clutter in their website's header and footer. 


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