Your Next Star Employee? The AI Website Agent

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Imagine you need to hire a customer service and sales support person. They will work 24 hours a day. They will respond within seconds to every question. They'll get their answers dead right about 95% of the time, and only 5% of the time do they need some coaching to improve it for next time.

Plus, they'll never call off sick or have a bad day. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? And how much would you have to pay that person? How long would you need to train them to get them ready to go?

It's actually not impossible or difficult, thanks to artificial intelligence.

One of the fun projects we've been working on recently is an AI website agent. Remember the old chatbots? Yeah...we all hate those things, too. But this is something else.

An AI agent appears similar to a chatbot but is phenomenally smarter. It uses the power of ChatGPT along with numerous documents as its knowledge base. 

Want to see it in action? Check out this video. 

Why Consider an AI Agent on Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Website?

Let's face it. AI is here to stay. It's being integrated into devices and virtually every piece of technology we use. 

Consumers are looking for quick answers. While your website needs to provide valuable information, people are extremely impatient. As digital experiences change, people will be searching for easy ways to quickly type a question and get an answer. 

You may snag a website visitor when your in-depth blog article is a top search result. But after they visit your website, they'll likely have more questions. 

You may run paid ad campaigns such as Google Ads, but how will users get questions answered before they fill out a form or call you?

Why not provide an intelligent, useful tool to enhance their user experience?


5 Things We Love About This AI Agent

It can be tough to wrap your head around the potential of AI agents. Let me give you an idea of some of the things that excite me about this new technology.

1. It Leverages Existing Content

When we first launch the AI agent, it crawls every page on the website. From service pages to hundreds of blog posts, it uses this info to create responses. If you've done a good job over the years creating hundreds of helpful blog articles, you'll have lots of info to feed it.

The AI agent also re-crawls its website every 24 hours, looking for new content changes and additions.

We also brainstorm a list of 75-100 FAQs and provide concise answers. You can probably guess most of the questions people will ask. 

2. It Recommends Website Pages

Although we're still refining these AI agents, we've been happy to see them inserting actual links in the responses from time to time.

For instance, it has learned that when someone asks billing-related questions to insert the link to the customer portal. 

3. It Knows Your Goals (Psst...It's Happy Customers)

One of the things we've programmed into this AI agent is to subtly suggest that users to take action. 

Although it answers questions to some level of depth, it's always nudging users to fill out the form or give the company a call to continue the conversation. 

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4. It Discourages Bad-Fit Leads

Another piece of information we've loaded into the knowledge base is a list of cities and zip codes. We've also created instructions to direct users to a specific page when someone asks if the company services their area. 

We've also been able to train the AI agent on services a company does and does not provide. 

5. It Gets Smarter & Smarter

One of the ways the AI agent improves is by revising answers. We've found the answers are spot-on approximately 95% of the time. However, it's possible to revise answers for better future responses.

Since the AI agent logs all of the conversations, it frequently opens our eyes up to other items we can add to its knowledge base. We don't just set it and forget it. We have a pulse on the conversations that are actually happening.


Innovative (& Helpful) Landscaping & Lawn Care Websites

We're passionate about a lot of things here at Landscape Leadership, but two things permeate everything we do.

We want to offer our best, innovative ideas to our clients so they become leaders in the green industry. 

Equally important, is the customer experience. Our goal is, and always has been, to create rich experiences on websites to help consumers make informed, confident decisions. 

We believe that AI website agents are one example of how to do this. It will be exciting to watch how this unfolds in the coming years. 

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