Marketing & Sales Insight for the Lawn & Landscape Industry

Lawn Care Marketing Case Study: Master Lawn Grows By $1M in 18 Months

Chad Diller

Do you WISH you could get 30x more lawn care leads each month?

Do you WISH you could DOUBLE $1M of lawn care business and turn it into $2M in just 18 months? 

And what if that wasn't just an increase for this year, but meant more recurring revenue? That's makes that extra $1M in lawn care sales even more exciting!

Today, I'm going to share a case study with you on how one Memphis-based company became the master of their lawn care marketing success.

Want some tips to grow your lawn care business? Here they you WISH!

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Here are 25 Lessons I've Learned About Pricing Lawn and Landscaping Services Over the Past 25 Years

Chris Heiler

Boy, I really dated myself with this article's title. And, thankfully for you, have made many, many mistakes related to pricing lawn and landscaping services over these 25 years for you to learn from.

You're welcome :)

I tried to group these insights into three buckets for easier consumption.

First, my biggest insight: While pricing is the most important factor related to your company's profitability, price is not the most important factor when it comes to making a sale. That should be good news.

Here are 24 more...

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How to Add Pest Control Services: 10 Tips for Lawn Care Companies

Chad Diller

In the past 20+ years that I’ve been in the lawn and landscape industry, I’ve noticed a growing trend in which many lawn care companies and even some landscapers are adding pest control services to their offerings.

After all, if you are already maintaining your customer’s property as a trusted partner, why not offer them more ways you can help them while growing your lawn care or landscape business with a highly-profitable new service line?

Personally, I worked at a full-service firm that added, inside-out pest control services. It was so successful that it grew to about $1.2 million in annual revenue in just about seven years. It was also one of our most profitable departments with the lowest cancellation rates.

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Build a Great Lawn Care Sales Team (Recruiting Tips from a $8M Company)

Chad Diller

What does it take to find a great lawn care salesperson? Well, that's a loaded question...

Seriously though, how do you build a great lawn care sales team? If you have all of the organizational pieces in place, where do you find these people?

Luckily for you, I know a guy...

Adam Zellner is the VP of Sales for Oasis Turf & Tree, an $8M lawn care company in the Cincinnati area which services over 13,000 customers! 

Adam and I often have great, candid conversations about how to sell lawn care. Today, he shares some of his sales recruiting tips to help you find salespeople to grow your lawn care business.

Stay tuned...

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Client Concentration Problems (or, How to Know When Clients are Too Big or Too Small)

Chris Heiler

Have you ever won a large landscape maintenance bid, or landed a huge design/build project, and your immediate thought was, “Oh shit…”?

“Oh shit… did I estimate this accurately?”

“Oh shit… now we have to hire more people.”

“Oh shit… how will we fit this in our production schedule?”

I know the feeling. When I operated my landscape design firm years ago I loved selling the “big idea” (and collecting the deposit check) but dreaded what came after. That’s when all the second-guessing began.

With this in mind – and assuming I’m not the only landscape professional to have felt this way – I want to discuss the subject of “client concentration” and offer a practical framework which I think can keep many of you from potential and unnecessary financial stress. And, maybe more importantly, personal stress.

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21 Typical Marketing Problems for Lawn & Landscape Companies

Chad Diller

Marketing problems at your lawn or landscaping company...they are plenty...

Lack of brand awareness...

Advertising/marketing campaigns that fall flat on their face.

Frustrating relationships with marketing agencies...

Unqualified leads...

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now before you spiral into depression, take solace in one reality.

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