7 Practical Steps to Get Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Clients in Marketing Videos

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Picture this. Your client, homeowners with an envy-inducing backyard, are laughing as they play in thick, green grass with their kids and dog. Now, wouldn't that make for a fantastic lawn care marketing video? It sure would! 

Or maybe your client is a commercial property manager. Picture them walking around, smiling as they inspect the pristine grounds at their facility. Now that would be a great brand asset to promote landscaping services!

But you're likely wondering, "How on Earth do I ask a client to star in our marketing video?"

Relax! I’m going to walk you through seven practical steps I’ve personally used in hundreds of lawn care and landscaping video productions. These steps will set your homeowners and property managers at ease and can actually get them excited about promoting your company. 

I’ll walk you through the steps and then give you a script you can follow for your outreach.

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Step 1:  Start With Small Asks

The secret sauce to success lies in not making the process seem like a Herculean task. Begin with a simple request. Get one “Yes” at a time.

Call your client and thank them for using your service. Then, ask your client if you can use their picturesque property in your next marketing video. Make it sound as casual as possible. Remember, you're not proposing marriage here, it's just a little favor.

Get the first “Yes”.

If they ask about timing, just give them the week of your video shoot. Tell them you’ll get more exact timing later when you finalize the schedule. 

Above is one example of where we got homeowners to have a little fun in their backyards. The normal stuff is easy, but some clients have actually slow-danced and had Nerf gun battles with their kids in the yard. You’d be surprised! Check out the full case study on this video project at Tropical Gardens Landscape.


Step 2:  Stage Up Your Questions

Congratulations on getting that first “Yes”! Now, let's up the ante a bit. Immediately ask your client if they'd be willing to appear in some footage. 

Paint it as a normal, everyday activity. For homeowners, it might be their family members and a few friends simply relaxing on the paver patio, maybe with a few cold beverages and a charcuterie board you’ll provide. 

For a commercial property manager, suggest a relaxed site walk with their account manager. 

Get your second “Yes”.

Let your client know a general idea of how long you’ll need them. Try to keep it minimal and somewhat vague at this point. Tell them further details will come as you figure out the schedule.

Above is one video with fun-loving clients of KD Landscape. Check out more examples of this in their video gallery


Step 3:  Simplify the Interview (If Applicable)

You already got two “Yes” answers. If your video style requires an interview, don't let your clients break into a cold sweat. Ask if they’d be willing to answer 5-7 simple questions about their customer experience. It's no inquisition, just a friendly chat.

If they are curious about the line of questions, you can explain they could be:

  • Challenges they had with their property
  • What it looked like as they researched companies
  • What it’s been like working with your lawn care or landscaping company
  • What life is like now for them as a result of your project/service


Get that third and optional “Yes”.

Above is an example of using team members and a commercial property manager to tell a great story and appear in footage. Check out this video and more like it on Level Green's video gallery.


Step 4:  Ensure It's Easy and Fun

Don’t just tell them what’s happening. Keep assuring your clients that the entire process will be easy, enjoyable, and won't steal away their precious time.

Most homeowners or property managers have unrealistic fears and expectations about starring in a video. Our clients often tell them that their video company does this all of the time and people really enjoy the experience. 

We had so much fun shooting at High Prairie Landsacpe Group's client’s house, the party was still going when we left! She invited neighbors over and they had a blast! 


Step 5:  Keep Them Informed

Communication is key. Make sure to keep in touch with your customers over the following weeks. Let them know you're there for any questions.

People may try to cancel at the last minute. This is why we recommend checking in with them 30 days before the shoot with a day and a general time frame to get confirmation (Tuesday the 10th in the early evening). A week or two before the shoot, give them the exact times you’ll be recording (from 4:30 to 7 p.m., but we’ll only need you for an hour of that). 

If they bail on you, have a backup plan for another client and start the process over. 

Above is an example of a simple acting role for a homeowner. We had this client just relax and walk around the property with a technician. He had a great time and we only took about an hour of his time. See this video and more on the Oasis Turf & Tree website


Step 6:  Show Them the Magic of Editing

Lights! Camera! Awkward? Let them in on the secret - everyone feels a bit strange under the spotlight. Share examples of your prior videos if you have some.

Here at Landscape Leadership, we have dozens of these examples we keep in a YouTube playlist. These are great visualizations of how we transformed ordinary homeowners and property managers into video superstars. A little assurance can do wonders, and remember, post-production is where the real magic happens.

Telling them something like, “Here’s Jim, another client who helped us in a prior video. He was nervous but look at how this turned out! It’s all about the editing magic!”

Above is an example of how a few fun scenes can create engaging videos just by using clients in their own homes. Check out more videos like this on the Lawn Buddies website


Step 7:  Show Your Gratitude

Always be grateful. Thank them for their time, for their cooperation, and for their patience. Gratitude can turn a tedious task into a joyful journey.

I honestly think clients will participate in videos because you already have a great client relationship. However, I’ve seen our clients offer some pretty generous things to prime their cooperation or at least thank them afterward. Here are a few examples:

  • Reduced or free property clean-up
  • Provide all the food and beverages for their family/friends during the shoot
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant

Just remember it’s a big deal to get all of these “Yes” answers from your clients. Make sure they know you realize that. 


(Image courtesy of Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape)


Call Script to Follow

Here’s a script you can follow as you call your client approximately 6-7 weeks before your video shoot. 

(Name), I wanted to call you to thank you for using our ____ services. 

I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Would you be okay if we captured some video footage of your property for a marketing video we’re creating?

(If Yes) Great. We’re thinking we’d like to record sometime in the week of (Dates). I can give you an exact date and time when we get closer to it. 

I have one more question. Would you be willing to appear in some brief footage? Don’t worry, we’re not going to have you do a bunch of acting. We would love to just have you naturally appear in some footage as you typically use your property. 

(If Yes and this client is a homeowner) Do you think you could have your family in this footage, maybe even a few friends? Heck, we could even include your pet if you have one. We just want to show people how our services can help them enjoy life better. 

(If yes and this client is a commercial property manager) Great, we were just thinking of having you walk around the property with and without your account manager, just inspecting the grounds like you normally do. 

(If yes and your video style includes interviews):  Great, would you be willing to let us interview you for 15-20 minutes? We just have 5-6 questions we’d like to ask you about your property and its challenges and what it’s been like to work with us. Don’t worry, we’ll make it really easy. 

Thanks so much! This means a lot to use. I’ll reach back to you with more details in the next couple of weeks. 


Raving Fans in Your Videos

So, there you have it! Seven easy steps to make your clients comfortable and excited to be a part of your lawn care and landscaping marketing videos. 

It's all about being considerate and understanding, making the experience enjoyable, and most importantly, having fun along the way. If you and your lawn care and landscaping marketing agency keep at it, and soon you'll have an enviable roster of client-stars lighting up your marketing videos.

Happy filming! If you’d like more practical tips like these, please subscribe to our blog. And if you’re interested in a comprehensive strategy to grow your lawn care or landscaping business (including videos) feel free to request a consultation.

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