What Really Impacts Your Bottomline?

How important is positioning for a service provider in the lawn and landscape industry?

Here’s a really simple (too simplistic?) insight I’d like to share from working and speaking with hundreds of companies in our industry:

Your local marketplace – where you actually do business – might be the most important driver impacting sales and top-line revenue. How you position your company (“positioning”) within this local marketplace will be the most important driver impacting your profit and bottom line. And your personal paycheck.

I know many companies in large and/or affluent markets with a healthy top-line but an unsatisfying profit margin. I know of fewer companies who are satisfied with both their top and bottomline. The difference is in their positioning.

What about people, you might ask? I think you’ll find that the best people and candidates gravitate towards those companies with the strongest positioning. These companies know exactly who they are, who their customers are and what they do best (including how to make money). This is what appeals to the top job candidates every company is fighting for.

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