Is Your Web Presence Attracting or Repelling Potential Employees?

Why is it important that your green industry business have a strong web presence?

Consider this...

My ex-wife is a terrific dental hygienist. I say "terrific" because her coworkers and patients adore her. She's a real superstar that any dental office would be ecstatic to have on their team.

Upon moving to Austin, Texas, a thousand miles from her previous office, Amy obviously had some job searching ahead of her.

Unfamiliar with her new city, here's how she approached her job search:

1. Used Google Search and Google Maps to locate all dental offices within her preferred area of town.

2. Scoured review sites in search of positive and negative reviews of these dental offices on her list. Any office with numerous negative reviews, especially on multiple sites, was eliminated from her list.

3. She removed all dental offices from her list who did not have a website.

4. She researched the remaining offices on her list by reviewing their websites and social networking profiles.

5. She identified the offices she was most interested in working for and then presented her resume and recommendations to each office in person.

Multiple offices interviewed and offered her a position within two weeks.

She loves everything about the dental office she chose to work for: the dentist, her coworkers, the patients, the location, the hours...and she's making a higher hourly wage than ever before.

This could just as easily have been a hot shot designer or landscape sales superstar. It could have been an expert stone mason or irrigation specialist searching for a position with a new company--maybe your company!

An attractive web presence doesn't only appeal to potential customers. Your online presence can also attract, or repel, potential employees who are seeking progressive, cutting-edge companies they can be proud to work for.

Are you making it easy for potential employees to find your company online through search and social media? Do you have an attractive website that tells the full story about your company? Do you know what your customers are saying about you online?

I'd love to hear your comments. Has your company attracted employees directly from having a strong presence online? Have you been through a similar job search yourself, like Amy? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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