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Inbound Marketing BluePrint check mark check mark check mark check mark
Content Plan &  Quarterly Editorial Calendar check mark check mark check mark check mark
Local Business Directory Submissions check mark check mark check mark check mark
Real-time Reputation Management  check mark  check mark  check mark  check mark
Social Media Community Management   5 hours per month 10 hours per month 15 hours per month
Blog posts   2 per month 4 per month 4 per month
Monthly Scorecards & Quarterly Reviews     check mark check mark
Monthly E-newsletter      check mark check mark
Annual Company Training     check mark check mark
Discount on Add-on Services     check mark check mark
SEO+PR Pack        check mark
*Basic Plan also includes a one hour one-on-one consultation each month.

Basic, Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans bundle Landscape Leadership's core inbound marketing services into fully integrated yet flexible monthly campaigns. Custom plans are also available.


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Description of Services

Services included in our monthly inbound marketing packages:

Inbound Marketing BluePrint (All Plans)

Content Plan & Quarterly Editorial Calendar (All Plans)

Local Business Directory Submissions (All Plans)

Blog Posts (Starter, Pro, and Enterprise)

Social Media Community Management (Starter, Pro, and Enterprise)

Real-time Reputation Management (All Plans)

Monthly Scorecards & Quarterly Reviews (Pro and Enterprise)

Monthly E-Newsletter (Pro and Enterprise)

Annual Company Training (Pro and Enterprise)

Discount on Add-on Services (Pro and Enterprise)

SEO+PR Pack (Enterprise)



Inbound Marketing BluePrint

Our Inbound Marketing BluePrint includes an Inbound Marketing Assessment which analyzes your company's existing online presence and Internet marketing programs. This includes a full analysis of your content, your existing social media communities and search marketing efforts. We also run a detailed side-by-side analysis of your top competitors to see how you stack up against each other online.

Our Inbound Marketing BluePrint includes a detailed 12-month strategic plan based on the findings in your Inbound Marketing Assessment as well as on concrete, measurable objectives. A 90-day Action Plan will be prepared outlining the critical first-steps of your inbound marketing program.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) will also be determined. These data-driven success metrics will enable us to track the effectiveness of your inbound marketing program from month to month.

Content Plan & Quarterly Editorial Calendar

We draft a detailed 12-month Content Plan based on the objectives and key performance indicators set forth in your Inbound Marketing BluePrint. Our content plans map out and organize the types of content we will create throughout the year from blog posts and Facebook Page updates to video production and email promotions.

The 12-month Content Plan is reviewed every three months and a Quarterly Editorial Calendar is created. Clients have full-access to our editorial calendar software. Clients can add content ideas and also assign employees the task of creating specific pieces of content. Clients can also view and track upcoming content creation tasks. The entire content creation process can be organized and managed within this single software solution.

Local Business Directory Submissions

It's important to have your green industry business listed in appropriate online local business directories like Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Local (?) and MerchantCircle. These directory sites allow potential customers to more easily find your business online and also give your company credibility.

Landscape Leadership submits your business to only the most important and relevant local business directories and ensures your company details are complete and accurately represent your brand. We will also submit your business to other industry-specific directories when relevant. Landscape Leadership also monitors your listings throughout the year and provides near-instant customer review and ratings notifications.

Blog Posts

Regular blogging is the lifeblood of a successful and effective inbound marketing program. Your blog's content impacts your search rankings, determines in part what you share in social media, builds your company's credibility and generates qualified leads.

With a background in the green industry, our writers create compelling, meaningful content that resonates with your specific audience. All blog posts are carefully and thoughtfully optimized for the search engines to ensure for a steady stream of traffic to your company's website.

Social Media Community Management

Each inbound marketing service package allocates a specific block of hours each month to Community Management. This time is dedicated primarily to participating on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on behalf of your company. This can include publishing updates, sharing content and interacting with your fans and followers.

Any additional consulting, training or support you may need is also included in this time block each month.

Real-time Reputation Management

Landscape Leadership actively monitors all online chatter surrounding your business, brand, products and services. We can even monitor your competition. If something is posted about your business online, whether positive or negative, we see it. And we can respond in real-time which can mean alerting you or quickly responding on your company's behalf.

Monthly Scorecards & Quarterly Reviews

On a monthly basis Landscape Leadership prepares a Monthly Scorecard reporting on your company's key performance indicators (KPIs). These data-driven success metrics enable us to track the effectiveness of your inbound marketing program from month to month.

We also conduct more in-depth Quarterly Reviews for our clients. We not only look at what was accomplished the previous quarter but also look months ahead at the potential challenges and opportunities that may arise.

Quarterly Reviews are more "big picture" while our Monthly Scorecards are much more data-focused.

Monthly E-Newsletter

For our Pro and Enterprise clients we publish a Monthly Email-newsletter on behalf of your company. Email is still one of the most direct ways you can reach your customers and prospects in order to stay top-of-mind and/or to promote your products and services.

Landscape Leadership takes care of the newsletter design and content creation for you.

The cost of email marketing software is not included in the inbound marketing service package monthly pricing. We highly recommend using HubSpot as your all-in-one inbound marketing software--which includes email marketing functionality--but we can also integrate our services with your current email software.

Annual Company Training

For our Pro and Enterprise clients we include an annual full day of training at your place of business. All travel expenses and fees are already included in the inbound marketing service package pricing.

Discount on Add-on Services

There may be a month when you want to publish a news release, refresh the copy on your website and also run a promotion on your Facebook Page. Or maybe you need a white paper or e-book created. We offer our Pro and Enterprise clients a generous discount on these add-on services.


Search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) may seem unrelated to some, but to us, the two are linked by a common objective: Attract attention and interest from influencers such as media, bloggers and other authoratative sites in order to boost exposure and build inbound links.

For our Enterprise clients, this process begins with influencer identification, outreach and engagement. Then we pitch stories to local and national media, write news releases and pitch guest blog posts to online influencers--all on behalf of our clients.