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Better landscaping sales tools

Your green industry software may do a decent job at estimating, running financials, and scheduling work. However, it’s likely a bit soft on the sales management side.

More to measure

You have more activities to measure than just proposals. To have an effective and efficient landscaping sales organization, it’s critical to evaluate all sales activities in real time. And, if you implement another piece of software, your people need to love using it.

Introducing the HubSpot Sales hub

HubSpot is a robust tool. However, we’ve customized this tool and trained sales teams to close deals faster and make selling landscaping more enjoyable.

Some of the helpful features in the HubSpot Sales hub:

  • Robust CRM
  • Connected email and calendars (Outlook 365 and Google)
  • Email templates, automated prospecting sequences, activity notifications
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Custom pipeline and activity dashboards
  • Document management, advanced digital proposals
Plus, HubSpot integrates with 500+ popular applications.
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Sales Enablement costs

Customizing and training your teams on HubSpot Sales can be completed as either a standalone project or included in an annual service engagement. Projects start at $12,000 and vary based upon team size and the scope of features to be used.

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we can likely negotiate software discounts on your behalf. Current pricing can be found on HubSpot’s website. We recommend HubSpot Sales Pro which starts at $450/mo. and includes 5 user seats.

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FAQs about website design and development

What training and support are available?

Landscape Leadership will customize HubSpot based on your company and its sales processes. We’ll teach users how to use the tool and perform audits in the first year. Additional training can also be purchased. HubSpot also has an extensive knowledge base as well as a support team available to all users.

Can I hire you for just sales enablement?

Yes. We can perform Sales Enablement as a standalone project or you can also include it in a more comprehensive annual marketing and sales agreement.

Will HubSpot integrate with popular Green Industry CRMs?

Unfortunately, not at this time. This is due to these Green Industry CRMs having closed systems and APIs. However, we’ve had many discussions with these software companies and we are hopeful this will happen in the next few years

Will HubSpot replace my Green Industry CRM?

Green industry software often lacks important features when it comes to its CRM and sales components. Our clients prefer HubSpot for its CRM and sales tools and feel it’s a worthwhile addition to their technology stack. After proposals are signed, they then add work orders in their green industry software to perform the remaining operational and financial functions.

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