Landscape Leadership Team Meet-Up in San Antonio

Picture of Chris Heiler Author: Chris Heiler

The Landscape Leadership team in San AntonioTo meet in Toronto or San Antonio – those were the options for this year's Landscape Leadership team retreat. 80 degrees...or snow and ice? Hmmm...

The Tex-Mex (mostly the margaritas) and barbecue won out.

Being a remote team at Landscape Leadership we think it is very important to bring the team together face-to-face a couple of times each year. HipChat and GotoMeeting are great, but laughing (and drinking those margaritas) together in person is a whole lot better.

So this year, San Antonio, the seventh most populous city in the US (second most in Texas), served as host to Paige (Chicago), Pete (Cleveland) and Pamela (Toronto). I had the easy one-hour drive south from Austin.

Check out some of the images from our retreat below.


Picture of Chris Heiler

About Chris Heiler

Chris is the founder and CEO of Landscape Leadership. He has been in the green industry for over 20 years. Aside from leading the team at Landscape Leadership he enjoys speaking at green industry events across the country sharing his insights on marketing and sales. Chris now lives in Austin, TX, a transplant from the midwest and the great state of Michigan.

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