Do You Have "Old Dogs" Standing In Your Way?

Green Ways- Time For a Change?

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To all you courageous business owners:

Do you have “old dogs” holding your company back? Holding you back? It is your company after all.

Can you relate to Archie Greenbelt in this strip? Did it make you laugh… or cringe?

The old sales dog, Ted, has been with Archie and Greenbelt Outdoor Services since the beginning. But, he’s gotten too comfortable in his position.

Too often the value these Teds bring to your company is overblown. It goes something like this:

“Well, I know he’ll sell close to a million dollars this year so…”

That’s just an easy way for an owner to justify keeping him around instead of making the hard decision to let him go.

Meanwhile, this “Ted” sabotages progress. Your progress. These old dogs are poisonous (or rabid?). They infect everyone around them with their complacency and resistance to change.

And your unwillingness to make the obvious change that is needed erodes the confidence of those around you; those who are genuinely excited and invested in helping you build a great company.

But, hey, he’s selling a cool million dollars in work, right?


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