When to Hire In-House Marketing Help (and, How Much to Pay)

Last week I was interviewed by Brian Horn of the Lawn & Landscape Radio Network. We talked about hiring in-house marketing help, including when to hire and how much to pay a marketing position.

From my perspective, companies in the lawn and landscape industry are very resistant to hiring a dedicated marketing person. It seems buying a shiny, new piece of equipment rather than adding another overhead position to payroll is easier to justify for most companies. The results seem more tangible. I get it.

But, as a business owner, you have a million responsibilities. You eventually max out your capabilities and hit a ceiling. You and your business can't climb any further. To break through the ceiling and reach new plateaus with your business you need to give up responsibilities. One of the first to give up is your company's marketing.

This was the focus of our interview, along with:

  • At what size should a company hire in-house marketing help
  • Why should a company hire an in-house marketing person
  • Common challenges facing in-house marketing people
  • The difference between a marketing coordinator and marketing director
  • The responsibilities of a marketing director
  • What to look for when hiring marketing help
  • How much you should expect to pay an in-house marketing position

Listen to the recording here.

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