Why I Hate Unicorns and Rainbows

unicorns and rainbowsAre you tired of reading and hearing about how your business needs to “engage” with your customers? How you need to be “authentic” and “transparent”? Or, “How to Get 500 New Twitter Followers In a Week”?

I sure am...and I’m 100% guilty of writing and speaking the same rhetoric.

But now it’s time to do the hard work.

You see, I think we’ve come to a point in time when social media and digital marketing--however you want to label it--has matured to a point to where we need to cut through the theory and philosophy and focus more on tangible, meaningful outcomes.

Do I believe we need to connect and engage with our customers in an authentic and transparent way? Absolutely! That won’t change. I’m just sick of talking about it.

I’m talking about being more pragmatic. More deliberate and intentional about how you market your business. More outcome-focused. I’m talking about using the Internet and all things digital and social to generate more qualified leads and close more sales!

What business owner in their right mind doesn’t want that?

But here’s the thing: Taking a pragmatic, results-driven approach is hard work. (I should also add that it can be brutally boring.)

The companies willing to put in this hard work will reap the rewards in the form of increased website traffic, qualified leads and, ultimately, customers pounding on their door.

What is this “hard work” I speak of?

  • It’s creating remarkable and meaningful content that your audience is actually searching for. Let me rephrase that: Lots of remarkable and meaningful content.

  • Hard work is doing keyword research and listening via social channels in order to really understand what your potential customers are searching for in the first place. And then optimizing your content based on this research.

  • Hard work is leveraging your content to generate real leads--not just traffic. It’s nurturing those leads into actual customers willing to pay you money for your products and services.

  • The hardest work of all is measuring and analyzing all of this. Then measuring and analyzing some more.

It’s damn hard work, folks. But this is the current state of affairs--and it’s the future. The YellowPages, direct mail, and other traditional forms of “outbound”, in-your-face marketing will not be making a comeback.

What’s next for Landscape Leadership

If you’ve been to this website a few times before you’ve probably (hopefully) noticed that the site has been completely torn down and rebuilt.

The reason for this is because we are now completely focused on building an inbound marketing agency specifically for green industry companies. You can read more about this here.

But for now, let’s just say that the team at Landscape Leadership wants to do the hard work for companies in our awesome industry. We want to partner with you. We want to drive more traffic to your site, generate more qualified leads, increase brand awareness for you, build your thought-leadership in your community. We want to drive more customers to your door.

If you’re tired of unicorns and rainbows like I am, then please follow this blog because we’re going to be dishing out a whole lot of real-world, actionable insights that you can apply to your business. You can subscribe via RSS or sign up for email updates (see top left sidebar).

If you would like to learn more about our inbound marketing service packages, just visit this page.

We’re ready to do the work for you. Stay tuned.

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