What 'Right Now' Means to the Relevancy of Your Green Industry Business

Your customers and prospects don't care what you did five years ago.

They only care about what you did five days ago. Or five minutes ago.

Jaw-dropping projects. Ego-boosting awards. Publicity. Your degree (yup, I said that). And on and on.

What matters most is right now! Real time.

The more your business participates in real time, the more relevant your business is in the eyes of your prospects.

Social media gives you a platform to participate in real time.

Having a portfolio of your landscape work on your website is great...if it's updated regularly. Most are not.

Consider creating photo albums on your Facebook page to document your landscaping projects in real time like Landform Design Group does.

Instead of burying your customer's testimonials and your press clippings only on your website, post them to your social platforms like your company Facebook page or your blog.

Let the world see what your customers and the media are saying about your company right now.

Right now--real time--is what matters most.

How are you communicating to your customers and prospects in real time? What could you be doing better? Leave your comments below.

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