The Top 5 Social Media Branding Mistakes

In a previous episode of the GetSocial! Radio Show, our special guest, Matt Clark, from discussed his "Top 5 Social Media Branding Mistakes".

While I suggest listening to the show's podcast with Matt Clark, I'll also outline Matt's social media branding mistakes in this post.


Social Media Branding Mistake #5 - Advertise the Advertisement

Matt made the point that if you were to send a direct mail marketing piece to a prospect you certainly wouldn't use the piece to advertise your Yellowpages advertisement.

Can you imagine getting a postcard in the mail from a landscape contractor saying, "Check out our full-page ad in the Yellowpages!".

Sounds obvious in this context, but this is exactly what many companies and professionals do with their social media.

Once you have someone's attention on one social platform, don't be so quick to move them to another. Keep them engaged where they are.

Here are two examples of this mistake:

      1. Promoting your Facebook Page in an automated direct message when someone follows you on Twitter.

2. Displaying numerous social media icons on your Twitter background image

This branding mistake leads to social media branding mistake #4 which Matt refers to as the "Social Media Loop".


Social Media Branding Mistake #4 - Social Media Loop

"Advertising the advertisement", and bouncing people around from one network to another, leads to the social media loop and, more than likely, losing the attention someone had given you.

If you are fortunate in attracting a visitor to your YouTube Channel for instance, why give that person an opportunity to bounce from your channel to Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest? The goal should be to keep them engaged on your YouTube channel watching your videos.

Once a visitor bounces elsewhere you risk losing them forever.


Social Media Branding Mistake #3 - Content Overload

When it comes to branding, simplicity rules.

On the show Matt talked specifically about Twitter backgrounds. The common mistake is to add as much information as possible to the background image of your Twitter profile. This just leads to a cluttered, busy look. Instead, aim for simplicity (and lots of white space).

You don't need numerous photos, all of your contact information, all of your social media icons, your company tagline, etc, etc. It's Twitter--keep it simple.


Social Media Branding mistake #2 - Inconsistency

This is one I tend to struggle with, even though I completely understand how important consistency is to branding.

Be consistent from network to network in how you use these branding elements:

      1. Your company logo and tagline

      2. Your profile image or avatar

      3. Colors

      4. User names

      5. Profile descriptions

    6. Industry language or verbiage
You are limited when it comes to how your Facebook Page, Pinterest profile, or YouTube channel looks. You control some of the design elements, but not all. Be consistent from network to network with what you do control.


Social Media Branding Mistake #1 - Doing Nothing

Doing absolutely nothing is just as bad as being inconsistent with your branding.

"Doing Nothing" typically means using default design elements in your social networks. For example, on Twitter, if you use a default background, the default "egg" avatar, and don't fill out your profile, you will have no success whatsoever.

Not everyone needs or wants a custom Twitter background. But, at the least, Matt suggests selecting a background color that complements your website or colors in your branding. (This is something I need to do)

Are you making any of these branding mistakes? What others would you add to the list? I'd love to hear your comments. You can leave them below.

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