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How to Use Houzz for Marketing Your Landscaping Business: An Expert Guide

Lauren Dowdle

Ask any landscape contractor what sells his design services, and he’ll probably tell you “project photos.”

While social media sites like Facebook can be a good way to showcase your photos, you can’t guarantee the people looking at them are actually on the hunt for a landscaper. But that’s not the case with Houzz.

“Houzz is the place for people who are actively looking for help with their landscape projects,” says Liza Hausman, vice president of industry marketing and community at Houzz. “They are looking for ideas and landscaping professionals to help them with their projects.”

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Meet Our New Content Leader Pamela Weir

Paige Worthy

It’s hard to pick what I like best about Pamela Weir.

Like me, she was bitten early on by the entrepreneurship bug and spent several years building her own small business, Mythos Marketing.

When we spoke for the first time, we geeked out together over a blog we both enjoy, Marcus Sheridan’s The Sales Lion.

She casually slipped into conversation that she’s on a roller derby team. Roller derby, guys. It basically entails skating around in a loop and trying to knock people down — and it’s way harder than it sounds.

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How to Get Commercial Lawn Accounts and Landscaping Contracts

Lauren Dowdle

Landing a large commercial account is at the top of many landscapers’ wish lists.

But transitioning into the commercial landscaping market requires more than just buying larger mowers and trucks. You have to change the way you and your team manage projects to truly be successful.

Here are the dos and don’ts of bringing in commercial lawn accounts and landscaping contracts.

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7 SEO Quick-Fixes for Your Lawn Care and Landscaping Websites

Pamela Weir

Most lawn care and landscape professionals know it's not enough to slap together a five page website and wait for the calls to start coming in.

To establish an effective web presence, you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

But, here's the secret - SEO for landscaping websites is not rocket science. There's no need to feel intimidated at the mere mention of it. SEO is all about ensuring your website generates the right signals for the search engines, and your potential clients.

To illustrate how simple SEO can be, following are seven basic practices which you can complete over the next three to six months to optimize several elements of your website.

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The Best Landscaping Blogs of 2014 (Review)

Chris Heiler

Ladies and gentleman of the landscape industry... I bring to you... The best landscaping blogs of 2014!

What a glorious way to ring in a new year, right?

While blogging and content marketing can absolutely add dollars to your bottom line, the process is by no means painless and stress-free. It can be an absolute grind requiring patience and perseverance that few professionals and companies are willing to thrust themselves into. For this, I feel the need to shine the light on a few of these exceptional companies and their landscaping blogs.

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Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

Chris Heiler

Closing out another stellar year means giving our readers a round-up of our most popular articles from 2014. I know you guys look forward to this every year, right? Kind of like the champagne and fancy ball dropping.

In all sincerity, I hope you've had an awesome 2014 and wish you a very prosperous 2015. We've got big things happening here at Landscape Leadership and I plan to continue writing and sharing my insights here regularly.

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