Inbound Marketing & Sales Insight for Green Industry Companies

Lawn Care Software Review: Jobber vs Service Autopilot vs Real Green

Lauren Dowdle

Most lawn care professionals get into the industry because they’re passionate about the work and helping customers.

But often, you aren’t as excited — or comfortable — with the business aspect of it.

“You have to be able to track production, revenue received for accounting, the ability to send statements to customers that owe money, have efficient routing in the jobs that are to be done on specific days and finally the ability to forecast the revenue your business will generate for the year for budgeting purposes,” explains Brian Leto, IT manager at Green Lawn Fertilizing.

That can be a lot to wrap your head around no matter your lawn care company’s size. So what should you do?

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Determining a Landscape Salesperson’s Salary and Commission Structure

Lauren Dowdle

Putting a dollar amount on what an employee brings to your business can be difficult. But with a salesperson, it’s a little more straightforward.

Once you’ve decided to hire a salesperson, you need to create a payment structure that not only stays within your revenue limits, but also attracts – and keeps – good salespeople.

Here’s how to determine a landscape salesperson’s salary and commission that will keep them motivated, without breaking the bank.


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Email Marketing for Landscapers & Lawn Care Operators: Tips, Best Practices & Software Reviews

Chris Heiler

Whoa, hold it right there. Take your finger off the “send” button and read this post first, because we’re gonna set the record straight when it comes to email marketing and how to use it to reach your customers.

First, as a sign of togetherness in this important fight against crappy emails, let’s agree that: 1) We will never use the words “email blast” again and, 2) Promise each other that we will never send another email that we would not want to receive ourselves. “The Golden Rule of Email” we’ll call it.


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4 Tips For Getting Your Agency Relationship Off To A Great Start

Paige Worthy

So you’ve hired a digital marketing agency!


If everything goes according to plan, you’re well on your way to boosting your website traffic, increasing the number of leads and opportunities in your sales pipeline, and making more sales that will grow your business overall.

You’re probably eager to get under way and start seeing results, dammit — results!!! And you will. But the first month of your engagement with your new agency will build the foundation of your relationship, which will produce those results over time.

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When to Hire a Landscape Salesperson: 5 Steps from 3 Experts

Lauren Dowdle

You wouldn’t start a project without knowing the exact cost and materials needed – and hiring a landscape salesperson shouldn’t be any different. 

Having a strong sales rep can increase a company’s revenue, free up an owner’s time to focus on other parts of the business and add missing sales expertise, says Steven Cohen, landscape-snow industry consultant with GreenMark Consulting Group.

But when is it the right time to add one to your staff? Here are five tips to help you know when to hire a landscape salesperson.

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