Inbound Marketing & Sales Insight for Green Industry Companies

5 Practical and Effective Cross-Selling Strategies to Earn More Revenue From Your Current Customer Base

Chad Diller

It takes more time, energy, and marketing dollars to find a new customer than to sell more work to an existing customer who is already sold on how great your landscaping, lawn care, or tree care services are. But yet, winning new customers is what seems to get a ton of attention when green industry companies empty their marketing wallet.

While it is true that your business needs to keep aggressively pursuing new customers, it’s just as important to make sure you’re not missing easy cross-selling opportunities with your existing customers.

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The Fine Art of Positioning (or, How to Differentiate Yourself From All the Generalists in the Lawn & Landscape Industry)

Chris Heiler

I recently outlined three steps to take when opportunity for growth exceeds your company’s capacity for production. Take a look around the lawn and landscape industry (or in the mirror) and you know what a problem this has become.

The third step involved the critically important – but mostly overlooked – strategy of “positioning”.

In this article we’ll dive deeper into positioning and how to go about applying this principal to your lawn and landscape industry business.

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3 Steps to Take When Opportunity for Growth Exceeds Your Capacity for Production

Chris Heiler

2016 is proving to be a strong year for the lawn and landscape industry, including the roster of companies we work with.

One thing seems to be clear: Finding and selling work is not an issue right now. However, the lack of production capability (i.e.- labor) to support the increase in sales is limiting the growth of many companies.

This single point has been communicated to me personally by our clients more than any other over the past six months. Does it ring true for your company?

Instead of complaining more about the lack of qualified labor – as is typical for our industry – let’s have a frank discussion about growth.

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Our Best Marketing Ideas for Tree Service Companies

Chad Diller

Good news, good ideas
do grow on trees. If you want to watch your tiny, sprouting tree service grow into a majestic tower of marketing prowess, it can happen. If you want to watch your withered, shriveled up tree service marketing ideas bud forth into life, that may be possible.

Over the past couple decades I’ve been involved in the Green Industry. I’ve held roles in production, selling and marketing. I’ve seen lots of horrible, average, and downright awesome methods of marketing for tree services. Some I’ve stumbled upon on my own, some from tree service industry experts, and a few learned from painful, personal mistakes.

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How to Set Up a Sales Tracking Process for Your Landscaping Company

Lauren Dowdle

Most of you have (hopefully) created a sales goal for your company and expect your team to meet or exceed those expectations.

But reaching your goal isn’t something that happens all at once: You and your salespeople have to work toward it one day at a time.

To know if you’re staying on track, you need to keep up with your leads and prospects throughout the sales cycle, making it vital to have a reliable process in place.

Here’s why and how to set up a sales tracking process for your lawn care or landscape company.

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