Inbound Marketing & Sales Insight for Green Industry Companies

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Online Reviews for Landscaping Companies, Lawn and Tree Care Services

Chad Diller

Certain marketing experiences are etched into my brain. One such story is a tale of an industry pal, Butch. He owns a lawn care company in the midwest and I’ve gotten to know him over a number of years, hanging out at industry conferences and swapping war stories and marketing tips. He loves his business and team and truly cares about his customers.

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Get the Word Out: Pitch Your Company as an Expert With

Chris Heiler

Recently, I've taken to writing more press releases, primarily for one reason: To provide green industry publishers with unbiased, timely insights into current news and events that I think are relevant to professionals in the green industry. "News jacking" is a term occasionally used to describe this. This is a different approach than the traditional "promotional" press release.

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7 Guidelines for Choosing Landscape Company Names

Chris Heiler

The name you choose for your landscape company is the most important marketing decision you will ever make. Period.

The right name...

  • will reinforce your position (identity) in the mind of your prospects.
  • can differentiate you from your competition
  • can establish you as the leader in a new category (ex.- Eco-Sprinkling)
  • can lead to favorable publicity
  • can lead to favorable consumer perceptions

Whether you are beginning a new landscape business or considering a name change for your company, here are some guidelines to consider.

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The 10 Rules of Advertising: What Every Landscaping Company Should Know About Advertising

Chris Heiler

Of all the marketing disciplines, I find advertising to be the most misunderstood.

Contrasting opinions regarding advertising's effectiveness are plentiful.

Advertising is effective for some green industry companies, yet not so for others. Why is that?

The 10 Rules of Advertising I layout below will answer this question.

When we speak of advertising, we also must speak of what it lacks: credibility. Which brings us to Rule #1...

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