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Your Landscaping Portfolio: 8 Essential Elements of a Landscaping Portfolio

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For many Green Industry professionals, like landscape contractors and designers, a compelling landscaping portfolio is essential. An impressive landscaping portfolio builds your credibility and gives prospects a sneak peek into your landscape business.

So, what should you include in your landscaping portfolio?

Photography is the most obvious answer, and no doubt it is important, but don't overlook other elements that should be included in a landscaping portfolio.

Here are the eight essential elements of a compelling landscaping portfolio:

Your Landscaping Portfolio: #1 Photography

Images of your landscaping work are the most important aspect of your landscaping portfolio.

Only use your absolute best images in your landscaping portfolio. One extraordinary photograph delivers more impact than a dozen mediocre images. Go for quality over quantity.

Be sure to include a variety of images, including photographs of hardscape elements, garden ornament and detail shots of paving patterns, iron work and plant combinations. Including images from different seasons of the year as well as night imagery makes for an even more compelling landscaping portfolio.


Your Landscaping Portfolio: #2 Drawings and landscape plans

Be sure to include images of your landscape plans in your landscaping portfolio. Include only your absolute best work.

Include perspectives and elevation drawings, plan-view enlargements and even sketches. Include drawings you think will best showcase your talents.

Your Landscaping Portfolio: #3 Testimonials

If people are saying great things about you and your business, include these testimonials in your landscaping portfolio.

If you receive Thank You cards, notes or emails with glowing comments, add them to your landscaping portfolio. Including the original cards and notes as part of your presentation is much more powerful than just showing written comments.


Your Landscaping Portfolio: #4 Special features

If your business is featured in a newspaper or magazine be sure to reproduce it and include it in your landscaping portfolio.

Similar to testimonials, these third party endorsements give you instant credibility in the eyes of your prospects.


Your Landscaping Portfolio: #5 Published writing

Include reprints of articles you've written for local newspapers and magazines in your landscaping portfolio.

If you've written for Green Industry trade publications, include these in your landscaping portfolio as well. Your prospects won't read the article, but they'll consider you to be an expert because of the authority and credibility that comes with writing for industry publications.


Your Landscaping Portfolio: #6 Community involvement

If your landscape business is active in your community, include these details in your landscaping portfolio. Include press clippings, photographs and even testimonials from leaders in the organization.

If you contribute to charitable organizations and community groups then let prospects know about your good will.


Your Landscaping Portfolio: #7 Recognition

Include awards your company has won in your landscaping portfolio. You can also include certifications you have earned.


Your Landscaping Portfolio: #8 Affiliations

Listing your affiliations in your landscaping portfolio lends credibility to your landscape business. Include affiliations with local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and civic groups like the Lion's Club.

Also include the landscape industry associations you are actively involved with on a local, state and national level.

A compelling landscaping portfolio is essential for Green Industry businesses. An impressive landscaping portfolio builds your credibility, displays your professionalism and gives prospects a sneak peek at what your landscape business is all about. When creating or updating your landscaping portfolio, consider these eight essential elements.

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