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Landscape Logo Basics: 6 Elements of an Effective Landscape Logo

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Choosing the right logo for your landscaping or lawn care business is critical.

The best, most effective landscape company logos...

  • Communicate what you do and for whom.
  • Differentiate you from your competition.
  • Contribute positively to your company's image and brand.

Let's talk about six basic elements of an effective landscape company logo.

Landscape Logo Basics: Shape

Gap logoA logo should always be aligned horizontally with an ideal proportion of 2.25:1 (from Al Ries). Many of the biggest brands in the world, including Disney and Coca Cola, follow this guideline.

Many follow a 1:1 proportion which is equally effective. McDonalds, GE, BMW, Apple and GAP are good examples.

The shape of your landscape logo should instantly appeal to the eye--so stick with these proven proportions. It also needs to reproduce well in all of your marketing--especially today online.


Landscape Logo Basics: Colors

A single, dominant color is almost always the best strategy for a landscape logo. Stick with two colors at the most--we're not Ebay or Google.

69 of the top 100 brands in the world use a single color in their logo. Only six incorporate more than two colors.

I would wager that over 80% of green industry companies use green as their primary color in their landscape logo. Go the opposite approach--think differentiation instead of joining the pack.


Landscape Logo Basics: Typeface

Brickman logoThere's no need to get fancy with the typeface you choose for your landscape logo. Stick with standard, legible fonts for both your company name and your tagline (if you use one).

A simple typeface has proved effective for Brickman over the years.


Landscape Logo Basics: Company Name

No Ka Oi Landscape Services logoThe name you choose for your Green Industry business is the most important marketing decision you will ever make. Your company name is also the most important element in your landscape logo. It should be the most prominent element standing out from your icon and tagline.

It is perfectly acceptable to use only your company name in your landscape logo. Six of the top 10 brands in the world do exactly this. No Ka Oi Landscape Services' logo is a great industry example. 


Landscape Logo Basics: Icon

nike air jordan logoMany landscape logos include an "icon", but it's not a requirement.

If you choose to include an icon in your company's logo be sure it is simple so it reproduces well. Also, try to avoid cliche imagery (trees, leaves, etc) that every other landscape company is using. If you are going to stand out you need to be different.

Some of the biggest and best brands in the world are recognized by their icons alone--McDonalds, Apple and Nike for example. It's best to avoid this approach in our industry--I'm guessing you don't have an advertising budget the size of Nike's to drive your brand into your prospect's subconscious.


Landscape Logo Basics: Tagline

Using a tagline in your landscape logo is an effective way to describe exactly what you do and for whom, especially if you specialize in a specific type of work.

Keep your tagline short and succinct--preferably less than eight words. Also, be aware of how well your tagline will reproduce in your marketing materials--will people actually be able to read it?

Creating an effective logo for your landscaping or lawn care business is one of the first and most important steps of your branding process. Consider these six basic elements when designing your landscape logo.

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