Rock Water Farm Landscapes & Hardscapes

Operating just west of the DC metro area, Rock Water Farm serves residential clients with a variety of services from pool and landscape design/build, landscape maintenance, lawn care, and natural pest control solutions.

This growing company specializes by utilizing natural stone in the majority of their hardscape creatings, adding a stately beauty to homes in this historically preserved area. 

We’ve been working with Rock Water Farm since the beginning of 2017.

In the past few years, their business has grown from $2.5 million to over $11 million in annual revenue.

We're happy to have contributed to this success but their hard-working team really deserves a lot of credit as well. 


Services Provided

  • Marketing strategy and campaign development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • UX and conversion optimization
  • Website copywriting
  • Content marketing, including blogging
  • Lead generation
  • HubSpot software implementation
  • Sales enablement
  • Professional Photography & Video



  • Increased website visits from 750 visits/mo. to 15,747/mo. 
  • Increased website leads from 25/mo. to 170/mo. 
  • Increased Google reviews from 45 to 116 while maintaining a 4.9-star rating

Why We Love Rock Water Farm Landscapes & Hardscapes

Chad Diller
Working with the Rock Water Farm team is a blast. It's great to see a company that is generating such a great reputation in their local community, getting more great online reviews than I've ever seen from a company of this size. It's no wonder their loyal customers and social media followers love their content which communicates their pride in their team and the work that they do.

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