An Update From My Time Away (and 3 Mistakes I've Made) [Smarketing Talk Ep. 15]

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Smarketing Talk Podcast with Chris Heiler


Show Notes

Back from a six-month hiatus!

While I was in La Antigua Guatemala I was certainly not blogging or podcasting.

Merry Christmas everyone. I decided to drink a few for y'all. You're welcome.

A photo posted by Chris Heiler (@chrisheiler) on

Since it has been six months since Episode 14 I thought I'd share an update with ya'll (I've been in Texas 5 years now – I'm allowed to use "ya'll").

I've heard it is liberating talking about our mistakes with others. So here we go... In this podcast I come clean and share three mistakes and lessons learned over the last six months while I've been away from the "podcast booth".

Here they are:

  1. Stepping away too fast
  2. Empowering someone... Then taking it away
  3. Not expecting the unexpected

Give this episode a listen. If you're a business owner or entrepreneur I'm sure you can relate to one or two of these. If not, then you're a better man/woman than I :-)

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