James Mann

James Mann

Technology Implementation Specialist, Houston, TX

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Marketing & Green Industry professional

I’ve been a copywriter, coordinator, and content strategist at multiple agencies with clients in almost every industry. I learned a lot but never got the chance to help the brands I’m most passionate about. Landscape Leadership focuses on these companies. 

From the moment I could pull the cord, I was eager to mow. I wanted to do everything I could to keep the land usable and looking nice. As I grew, so did the properties. 

I maintained a 70-acre farm for multiple years near Houston with my wife, Lene, and our two dogs, Rosa and Ruth. Maintaining this acreage was a challenging but extremely enjoyable task. The smell of diesel, the sound of a Stihl, and a cold beer, when the day is done, couldn't be beaten.

I’m here to combine this love for landscaping with nearly a decade of marketing experience to make a major impact for our clients.

When I'm working remotely, you can find me...

In my home office with at least one of my dogs or at a campsite with good wifi.

What I love most about the green industry is...

The role they play in improving everyone’s health and happiness. All you need to do to brighten your mood is spend time in a beautiful yard.

My interests

  • Hiking
  • Bass fishing
  • Craft beer
  • Identifying native plants
  • Running full throttle in a 997 ZTrak
  • Camping with my wife

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