James Conley

James Conley

Account Manager, Pittsburgh, PA


Marketing & Green Industry professional since 2013

When I hit the road to return to my hometown Pittsburgh from San Diego almost ten years ago, I left with a short-term gig at my buddy’s new landscaping company awaiting me. Since then, the short-term has turned into a career.

My time in the green industry has taken me from the field to the road to the office, where I’ve had my hands in everything from technician labor on a small design-build team to account management of a large book of commercial maintenance clients.

Landscaping seemed like a departure from my background in writing and marketing, but I found there was a great opportunity to create new marketing initiatives hidden somewhere under the deluge of production and sales. 

My landscape marketing work gradually moved from ‘extra-credit’ projects in the winter months to more formal and impactful efforts aimed at helping small businesses break out of the green industry pile. Joining the team at Landscape Leadership has given me a chance to help uncover these opportunities for landscape businesses all over the country.

When I'm working remotely, you can find me...

Sharing a home office with a giant dog and wild toddler. On occasion, escaping to the peace and quiet of my band’s rehearsal space.

What I love most about the green industry is...

I’ve found there’s still plenty of room for small and family businesses to operate comfortably without being muscled out by very corporate companies. The best small business owners put the same love into their companies that their clients put into their homes. Helping to guide homeowners and business owners through projects that mean so much to them is always rewarding.

My interests

  • Local music
  • Vintage drums
  • Landscape design
  • Hiking
  • Hands-on home projects
  • Beer league hockey
  • Helping mon son turn everything he can get his hands on into a drumset 

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