Carolyn Bowers

Carolyn Bowers

Content Marketing Manager, Orlando, FL

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Marketing & Green Industry professional since 2011

I’ve always had an interest in learning new things, analyzing problems, and coming up with solutions. After graduating from Stetson University I had plans to work in marketing research, but through the years my career took a path towards digital marketing. Working in digital marketing I get to utilize my research and analytical skills, while always learning new things in the ever-changing digital world.

After working at a couple of marketing agencies I entered the green industry as the Web Marketing Specialist for a lawn care company. I never would have imagined how much I’d enjoy working in the industry. My lawn wasn’t something I focused on much, but that changed just a few weeks into the new position. I began noticing things in my lawn that I wanted to improve. I even started looking more at my neighbors’ lawns.

New things I learn at work have always had at least a small impact on my personal life, but nothing like lawn care. At Landscape Leadership I get to continue providing marketing services in an industry I truly care about, and that is something I’m very thankful for.

When I'm working remotely, you can find me...

Sitting at my desk, listening to music, and telling my cats to stop stepping on my keyboard.


What I love most about the green industry is...

The friendly community. Team members in the industry build close relationships and develop a family environment. Businesses across the country gather together and support one another and the industry as a whole.

My interests

  • Baseball
  • The Atlanta Braves
  • Traveling
  • Attending concerts and music festivals
  • Spending time with my husband and our pets

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