Chris Heiler, Green Industry Marketing & Sales Speaker

Chris Heiler Green Industry marketing and sales SpeakerChris Heiler is founder and president of Landscape Leadership. He has been part of the green industry for more than 20 years working in various sectors including retail, landscape management, landscape design/build and for seven years owned and operated a successful landscape design firm in west Michigan.

A green industry speaker who understands your audience

Chris has a keen understanding of your audience's ambitions, customers, day-to-day challenges and what it means to be a part of the green industry.

He also knows what it's like when a presenter speaks over your head and misses the mark. He's sat through the "10 Ways to..." and "27 Things to..." presentations that are heavy on bullet points but light on concrete, actionable, take-home information.

Unlike these generic programs, Chris' presentations and workshops are made to stick. His goal is for participants to walk away with ideas that will stick with them beyond the parking lot – real world strategies that can revolutionize their businesses.

"Chris is a straight shooting been-there-done-that kind of speaker. He is very passionate about the landscape industry and realizes that keeping up with change and technology is what will keep us in business." Mark Wagner, Wagner Landscaping, Aston, PA


A speaker with a practical and pragmatic approach to marketing and sales

Inbound marketing, particularly social media, is slowly but surely being adopted by green industry businesses. Because most green industry companies are at different levels of expertise and experience, Chris creates his programs to appeal to the beginners in the crowd while at the same time appealing to the more advanced audience members.

Because Chris leads an inbound marketing agency – actually "doing the work" for green industry companies – he takes a no b.s. approach to discussing social media and inbound marketing. Light on philosophy and theory, Chris aims for the practical and pragmatic, relying heavily on actual green industry case studies. He has the unique ability to synthesize the facts and give them context and perspective for your audience.

Chris enjoys speaking to large audiences for 60 to 90 minutes and is equally comfortable leading small groups in half-day and full-day interactive workshops. Each has a unique dynamic that excites and inspires him.

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"Chris has a wealth of knowledge about marketing and social media and shares it very effectively with his audience. I like the fact that he acts as an educator, not a salesman, and he has personal experience with most, if not all, the sales and marketing resources and strategies he recommends." Angela Hooper, Visual Elements Landscape Design, Dallas, TX


Popular Programs

Breakout session topics

Each program can be presented in either 50, 60, or 75 minute breakout sessions. Programs include (but not limited to) the following:

  • How to Use Inbound Marketing to Convert Website Traffic into Qualified Leads and Customers
  • Selling in 2015: It's NOT 1985 Anymore
  • Rise to the Top: SEO Basics for Green Industry Companies
  • 7 Steps to a Successful Website Re-Design
  • How to Use Facebook to Build Brand Enthusiasm and Attract Customers
  • How to Build a Social Media Team: 11 Guidelines for Engaging Your Employees


Chris develops half-day, one day, and two day workshops tailored specifically to your green industry audience. Program topics vary, but focus mainly on inbound marketing and sales strategies.

Workshops include:

  • Inbound Marketing 101: Website, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Essentials for Green Industry Businesses (one-day workshop)
  • Inbound Marketing + Sales (one-day workshop)

To book Chris for your event, check rates, or to discuss custom programs, please fill out the contact form here or reach out to Chris directly at

Take a peek at some of Chris' presentations on Slideshare

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