Are You a Long-term Partner or Short-term Provider?

7K0A0079 resized 600I was out for a stroll this morning contemplating this question as it relates to a potential new client. Do they view us as a long-term partner who can contribute to the overall growth and goals of the company over the long haul or do they view us as only a short-term provider, a painful shot in the arm to temporarily relieve their marketing ails? There's a big difference.

Think about this question as it relates to your business and customers. How do they view your company? Are you just "the landscaper" or "the guy who cuts our grass", easily replaced by another provider? Or are you a long-term partner providing value around every turn, someone your customer leans on for support and advice?

A short-term provider is easily replaced. A long-term partner is highly valued. Which are you?

Something to chew on today...

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