Our Core Values

"Culture is what’s going on when you — the leader — aren’t around."

— Marty Grunder, Grunder Landscaping


I love this quote from Marty. I'm sure he would agree when I say a strong culture begins with your core values.

"To keep our culture good, we hire to it, we fire to it," Marty says"We judge our teams’ performance against it and overall we talk about what’s important each and every day."

Culture, as defined by these core values, isn't something you just hang on your wall. You have to live and breathe them. These things are part of a deeply ingrained code that drives every process in your business from recruiting to how you treat your customers.

Culture isn't something you just hang on your wall.

Core values are unique to every leader and company… There's no recipe to follow, no ingredients to combine for the perfect cultural blend. 

These core values are forever evolving, growing with your company while simultaneously spurring its growth.

Landscape Leadership's core values are continually morphing to reflect who we are as a company — and I have no doubt they will still be evolving five years from now. We take these very seriously in our business.

— Chris Heiler, Founder and CEO, Landscape Leadership


Core Value #1: Count On Me

We are accountable to each other. Our clients depend on us, and we depend on one another.

"That's not my job!" is not a phrase in our vocabulary. 

We embrace a count-on-me mentality; no task is below any of us. We have to be able to rely on our team's mutual support. If one of us misses the mark, we all fail.

Core Value #2: Get (the Right) Shit Done

Productivity and efficiency is not enough. We strive for effectiveness in our work. This means focusing on the right things in an efficient way. 

We are disciplined. We embrace a natural get-shit-done attitude — but one focused on priorities, not minutia.

We are self-motivated. We do not sit around waiting for direction.

Being a 100 percent remote workforce requires these traits in each individual.

Core Value #3: Hungry for Success

We are hungry and driven to succeed at every level: as individuals, as a company, on behalf of our clients.

Our constant craving to reach higher highs is what moves us through every day and what gets us up in the morning. It's why we hold one another accountable and push so hard to get (the right) shit done. 

We approach each day enthusiastically. We pursue education passionately, growing our skillsets and staying ahead of technology and trends. We know falling behind means failure.

Core Value #4: Speak Digital Without an Accent

We have a natural passion for this line of work and technology in general that's palpable from the moment we strike up a conversation. 

Case in point:

  • We devour and digest industry blogs with our morning coffee.
  • New platforms like Periscope aren't scary; they're an opportunity. 
  • When Moz tweets about an update to the Google algorithm, our first instinct is, "How's this gonna affect our clients?" 
  • We lose it over new HubSpot features while they're still in beta — and can't wait to take them for a spin.
  • We have a company hashtag, for God's sake. (Check us out: #LLcoolteam.)

Geeking out is our default reaction, on the job and off — this passion comes naturally, and we're lucky to get a paycheck for it, too.

Core Value #5: Financially Responsible

We are a financially responsible business and manage ourselves accordingly. This means:

  • Profit is important to us.
  • We carry no debt.
  • Pricing our services appropriately is of paramount importance.
  • Sticking to our annual budget as well as individual account and project budgets is a goal shared by all.
  • We are transparent as a company when it comes to sharing financial statements and discussing the overall financial health of the company.

Landscape Leadership Core Value #4 Speak Digital Without an Accent